According to Google, it helps to be different to improve the ranking

According to Google, it helps to be different to improve the ranking 1

In a Google Office Hours hangout, Google's John Mueller answered a question about why a site lost rankings. His answer focused on the ability to be different and how this quality can help a site rank better.

Request a site that has lost locations

It appears that the publisher may have ignored Google pages for placement.


Here is the question:

I have a website and I have lost traffic.

It is a ringtone download site with 60,000 ringtones.

at 17, In December we lost our ranking and when I search my website with a colon query, only seven available pages are displayed.

I did not receive a manual action.

Is it an algorithmic penalty when Google deletes websites?

What can I do to recover my traffic?

Google Mueller first discovered that the site's colon colon search query is unreliable when diagnosing site information.

Browsing the site is pointless and only gives a rough idea of ​​how many pages are indexed.

Mueller's response:

“In general, a site query is not representative of all the pages we have indexed.

This is a great way to get an overview of what we have indexed. However, it is not the complete list. It should not be like that.

For more information on how or what we index, you would use the search console and the index coverage report there.

This gives you a better overview of the pages actually indexed. "

While the colon search on the site gives a rough and inaccurate idea of ​​which pages are indexed, the site search has something important in this case. The search shows that at least 60,000 ringtones are missing from the web search, and Google only shows seven pages.

This type of result is significantly more than a "rough view" of the number of pages indexed by Google.

Although Müller is generally right, in this particular case we can all agree that these particular search results on the site are a sign that something is very wrong.

Mueller also recommends that you find specific answers in the Webmaster Help Forum.

There are some people on this forum who give decent advice when someone wants opinions about strangers on a particular site.

Müller returned to the topic of traffic loss:

“When it comes to loss of traffic, I sometimes find it difficult.

Overall, I think a ringtone-centric site gets a little tricky as our algorithms really try to find unique, compelling, high-quality content.

And if your entire site is essentially about providing ringtones that are identical to other countries, then I don't know if our algorithms would say that this is a really important site that we focus on and that we should stand out more in the search. .

With that in mind, I'll try to find ways to clearly differentiate myself to make it clear that what you have on your site differs significantly from others if you focus on one type of this small amount of content that is focused on. It is identical to everyone else. the other millions of ringtone sites that have the same content.

  • Perhaps there is a way to do this in relation to the content provided.
  • There may be a way to do this with the functionality provided.

But you really need to make sure that what you have on your site is so different that our algorithms can say it right. This is what we need to index instead of all the others that only have a list of ringtones on the site.

This type of change probably won't be that easy, but overall, it's the direction I want to go.

And this is the same recommendation that you would have for any type of site that offers essentially the same as many other sites.

You really need to make sure that what you provide is unique, compelling, and of high quality, which is why our systems and users generally say: I want to go to this particular site because they offer me something unique on the web, and I don't just want to go somewhere else. random site. "

Be different and rank better

According to Google, it is important that Google's algorithm stands out from the competition. And if you say otherwise, it means being better in a way that makes the site desirable for a particular product.

Mueller said that a high-level site:

  1. only
  2. Irresistible
  3. High quality

Why is it driving consumer demand?

  • Why do teens tease? Facebook?
  • Why enjoy middle-aged people? Facebook?
  • A boot is a boot, but why do old and young consumers love Doc Marten's boots?

That's what drives success

Young people can despise Facebook Because it is the parent's community (anti-youth symbol) and does not provide the instant communication and entertainment that other social media platforms offer (not helpful for a teenager's needs)

Middle-aged people enjoy the community, help each other with problems with adults, and meet old friends.

Doc Martens boots are durable and convey a sense of authenticity and individuality. It can complement the ambitions of those who carry Doc Martens.

Symbols and mirrors

Products and websites are more than just products and websites.

The best products and websites are symbols of what consumers value and who they want to be.

  • utility
  • Symbols of aspirations and goals.
  • Reflects important personal values ​​such as authenticity, faith, community, etc.

Products and websites can be symbols and mirrors of our values, aspirations and usefulness.

These are the types of things that separate one site from another and help you generate popularity signals that help improve a site's ranking.

Check Google webmaster office hours

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