Acer and Asus release 300Hz refresh rate gamer notebooks

by Kelvin

Acer and Asus made several announcements at Europe's largest technology fair, IFA 2019; check out what was announced by each company

The press conferences of Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA 2019), held in Berlin, Germany, the largest technology fair in Europe. The event, which will be open to the public from September 6-11, is one of the most important points in the technology companies' product release calendar.


On this first day of conferences, Acer and Asus took the stage to talk about their news for the European market, and focused intensely on gamers lines, whether notebooks, monitors and even smartphones. During the event, the Asus presented a gamer notebook with 300Hz refresh rate and NVidia's new GeForce RTX graphics cards, as well as showcasing the ROG Phone 2, company gamer smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Plus. Already Acer announced the world's lightest 14-inch notebook, along with the new line of Chromebooks focused on entertainment.

Check out the biggest news from both companies on the first day of IFA 2019:

Acer at IFA 2019

THE Acer presented at IFA 2019 a new series of gamers monitor line Nitro, designed to bring games to life, a platform for eSports next generation called Planet9, in addition to a new line of Chromebooks for family fun, entertainment and productivity.

Focus on productivity

New ConceptD Pro Series Models Among First to Support Ray TracingNew ConceptD Pro Series Models Among First to Support Ray Tracing

Thinking about productivity, the Acer announced the line ConceptD Pro with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and processors Intel Core 9th generation. The series Pro with Windows 10 meets the stringent requirements of leading edge virtual reality applications, artificial intelligence and big data.

As part of the notebook program RTX Studio, the series equipments ConceptD Pro with NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs are among the first to support Ray tracing Real-time and advanced artificial intelligence features.

From the line, were announced in IFA 2019 O ConceptD 9 Pro, a notebook designed for high power and collaboration, the ConceptD 7 Pro, with power and flexibility in a lightweight design, the ConceptD 5 Pro, with premium production on the go, and the ConceptD 3 Pro, a quiet notebook with decent performance. See the main specifications of each:

SpecsConceptD 9 ProConceptD 7 ProConceptD 3 ProConceptD 5 Pro
Screen17.3 ”4K15.6 ”4K15.3 ”15.6 ”or 17.3” 4K
Processorintel Core-i7
9th Generation
intel Core-i7
9th Generation
intel Core-i7
9th Generation
intel Core-i7
9th Generation
Board of
RTX 5000 Frame
RTX 5000 Frame
RTX 3000 Frame
T1000 Frame

Convenience and entertainment

Acer also introduced its updated Swift modelsAcer also introduced its updated Swift models

THE Acer also presented at IFA 2019 updated models of their popular notebook lines Swift and ultraportables and desktops all-in-one from the Aspire line all equipped with the latest processors Intel Core 10th Generation with the operating system Windows 10.

Designed to deliver performance on the go, notebooks Acer Swift 5 and Swift 3 They offer everything you need in an ultra-portable notebook: slim chassis, stylish design and sleek edges with excellent performance and battery life. Its narrow edges allow users to see more of the screen and have a better experience for variety of use. See the main features:

SpecsSwift 3Swift 5
Screen14 ”IPS Full HD14 ”IPS Full HD
ProcessorIntel Core-i7
10th Generation
Intel Core-i7
10th Generation
StorageSSD 512GBSSD 512GB
RAM memory16 GB8GB
The ultra-thin 6.8mm Acer Aspire C all-in-one comes with stylish looksO all-in-one Acer Aspire C 6.8mm Ultra Slim comes with stylish look

With space-saving and elegant design, the all-in-one Acer Aspire C 6.8mm ultra-thin comes with stylish look. The computer is available in 27-inch, 24-inch and 22-inch IPS Full HD display options, all equipped with 10th-generation Intel Core processors and a separate optional NVIDIA MX130 GPU.

With ample storage space of up to 1TB via SSD1 M.2 NVMe and up to 2TB with a 2.5 inch hard drive and 32GB DDR4-2666 memory, the Aspire C series is the all-in-one ideal for multiple users with a wide range of needs.

The four new Chromebooks deliver performance, portability and durability.The four new Chromebooks deliver performance, portability and durability.

The company also took the opportunity to launch four new Chromebooks that deliver performance, portability and battery life that today's families, students and small business owners need. All four new models deliver solid performance for full production days and for access to multiple applications, tabs, video streaming and more.

O Chromebook 314 it's the Chromebook 315 are the big screen models. The first has a 14 ”display and the second has 15.6. Both feature Full HD resolution and IPS technology. Because it is bigger, only the Chromebook 315 It has numeric keypad.

Already the ChromeBook 311 and its Spin version are more compact and have 11.6 inch screen. According to Acer, the Spin version is capable of working in four modes: tablet, notebook, screen and tent. It weighs only 1.2kg and is ideal for loading on trips.

Revolutionizing the gamer market

Acer introduced Predator Triton 300 gaming notebook and Predator Triton 500Acer introduced Predator Triton 300 gaming notebook and Predator Triton 500

THE IFA 2019 was also the stage for gamers technologies, and the Acer presented the notebook Predator Triton 300, the model Predator Triton 500 with 300 Hz screen, and the game chair Predator Thronos Air.

O Predator Triton 300 expand the line Triton with an affordable solution for traditional gamers who value thin and light designs. The Predator Triton 500, on the other hand, has an extremely fast 15.6 ″ Full HD 300 Hz display and is a powerful gaming notebook down to just 17.9 mm (0.70 inch) thick and weighing 2.1 kg.

The notebook features a durable all-metal chassis and narrow edges measuring just 6.3 mm (0.25 ″) for an impressive 81% screen-to-body ratio and takes advantage of processor performance Intel Core i7 from up to the 9th generation to become a powerful gaming system.

The Predator Thronos Air is Acer's gaming chair, a gamer for hard core enthusiasts.The Predator Thronos Air is Acer's gaming chair, a gamer for hard core enthusiasts.

THE Predator Thronos Air, the newest gaming chair of the Acer, is a stylish gamer for enthusiasts hard core. The steel frame includes a chair, a modular table and monitor arm. It embraces the player in a comfortable and engaging cockpit, ideal for full and complete immersion in battle. The blue-green illumination gives off a soft glow, perfect for gaming.

With the international scenario of eSports, was also published in IFA 2019 The Planet9, an open community that allows gamers to create their own team, train for excellence and promote challenges to see who wants to lead their eSports the victory. It is currently in closed beta and will enter beta open on January 30, 2020.

For more information on pricing and product availability, visit the official Acer.

Asus at IFA 2019

For the technology fair, the Asus presented a new version of ROG Phone 2, call Ultimate Edition, which was announced in July. Its new version has 1TB of storage and has undergone several changes in its design. The event was also marked by the revelation of smarwatch VivoWatch SP, the new line ProArt, which includes a 120Hz display, as well as content-creating computers and laptops.

ROG Phone 2

Asus gamer phone has been revamped to IFA 2019Asus gamer phone has been revamped to IFA 2019

The gamer phone of Asus underwent a revamp in its storage capacity, rising from 512GB to 1TB. The other smartphone specifications, however, were retained: 6.59-inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, chipset Snapdragon 855 Plus with 5G technology support, 12 GB RAM, 6,000 mAh battery and dual camera. The phone also comes with the modified Android operating system, which will support and integrate the ROG UI from Asus.

ProArt Line and Notebooks

Asus presented a line focused on content creation called ProArt Asus presented a line focused on content creation called ProArt

Among the ads of IFA 2019, a Asus presented a line focused on content creation, with emphasis on the ProArt StudioBook Pro X and One, portable desktops that promise high performance and portability.

The line will consist of the models ProArt Station D940MX, a compact workstation, and the ProArt Display PA32UCG, a monitor that promises to be the first professional model with variable refresh rate HDR 1600 and 120Hz of the world with resolution 4K UHD and mini LED backlight.

SpecsProArt Station D940MX
ProcessorIntel Core-i9

Still on notebooks, the AsusPro B9 it was billed as the “lightest business laptop in the world”. The compact computer is just 14.9 mm thick and weighs 880 grams and comes with the tenth generation of processors from Intel. Already the Zenbook Pro Duo is another ultra-portable notebook with two 4K screens, one of which is touch sensitive OLED HDR.

With a promise to revolutionize the e-Sports market, Asus announced a new series of gamers notebooks that offer 300Hz refresh rate – gamers currently use 240Hz monitors. It is the ROG Zephyrus Swhich, in addition to the fee, will bring video cards up to RTX 2080 and processor Intel Core-i7 of ninth generation.

O VivoWatch SP is the new smartwatch announced at IFA 2019 which is aimed at the public who wants to maintain a healthier life and monitor physical activities such as heart rate, oxygen level and blood pressure. To inform the user in real time, the device uses medical grade ECG and PPG sensors with the manufacturer's technology. ASUS HealthAI.

Razer at IFA 2019

Razer announced at a press release at IFA 2019 three new Blade Stealth gaming laptopsRazer announced in a press release at IFA 2019Three New Blade Stealth Gaming Laptops

Razer announced in a press release at IFA 2019, three new Blade Stealth gaming laptops. The notebooks are already updated with Intel's 10th generation Ice Lake processor, along with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1650 graphics cards, all with 13 ″, Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM.

The basic version, with Full HD display and 256GB SSD storage, will cost $ 1,500. The median version of the device, which is also equipped with a 512GB Full HD display, will cost $ 1,500. The most complete version, with 4K resolution and 512GB SSD touch screen, will cost $ 2,000.

Models are scheduled for release in late September in the United States and Canada. The device will also be launched in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, but has no date confirmed by the company.

What did you think about the announcements from the first day of Europe's largest technology fair, IFA 2019? Leave in the comments your expectations for the coming days and be sure to follow the coverage of the fair on Showmetech!

Source: Asus, Acer and Razer.

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