Taking advantage of its presentation at the international consumer electronics fair in Berlin, known as the IFA, Acer has unveiled Planet9. A platform that will serve as community for eSports players. For professionals as well as for those who are on their way to be. And it promises to be the ideal place to train, improve and find who to play the online titles of the moment.


At the moment Planet9 has started as closed beta, but will open its doors from January 2020, although still as beta before launching for the entire public. It is posed as a community. A place to meet other players, find partners or opponents to test yourself with. All this sweetened with a few extra services to measure you as a player, but also to raise sponsored or official tournaments, and even to find a coach that improves your statistics. This is what we know that Planet9 can do:

Create team and community

Planet9 will act as social network and as a community. In other words, you will have your own profile and you can meet other players and their statistics. Something that can help you create a team or group of friends to discuss, share strategies, etc. All this supported by a group chat tool. But you can also follow the adventures of other professional players to watch for.


Tools to improve

The idea is that Planet9 is a complete tool, and not just a mere forum to discuss eSports games of the moment or share tactics. There's also other services added Interesting for those who want to improve. Thus, in addition to recording all your statistics of games won, defeats, kills, achievements and other details of your game, you can improve it with:

  • Coach: The possibility of finding coaches to hire to improve. They can see your statistics and help you develop your techniques with videos, video chat or even sharing the screen. You can find coaches according to your statistics or according to what you want to pay for hours when you hire one.
  • Carry: Something similar you can do but with friends or other players of the platform related to your games and techniques. Thanks to your statistics you can find others with a similar rank that help you improve techniques. You can publish your gameplay or plays in Twitch Y YouTube to attract other players and participate together in carry sessions.
  • Game statistics: As we say, Planet9 will collect everything you do in different eSports games to create a detailed profile of your activity. Something very useful to find like-minded opponents, friends of your same rank and experience, or a Coach to help you the moment you are.
  • Scrims: With this tool you can raise all kinds of tournaments and clashes. The idea is that you can find other clans or raise tribal championships (set of clans). There are also the Tribe Wars, which are extensive weekly competitions where prizes and bonuses are distributed for Planet9.

If you want to register to participate in the closed beta of Planet9 you can apply for your place at planet9.gg.

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