Acer launches the C250i portable LED projector with multi-angle projection and the world's first self-portrait mode

by Kelvin

The new Acer C250i portable LED projector features Full HD resolution, a battery that lasts up to 5 hours and wireless connectivity; Acer also announced the PL1 series laser projectors with IP6X classification with reliable 24/7 operation

Acer today announced its C250i portable LED wireless projector with independent multi-angle orientation and the world's first self-portrait mode1 to provide users with an easy way to share content from smartphones Anytime, anywhere. The Acer C250i is a super lightweight projector that has a great impact when it comes to multi-angle viewing, resolution, battery life and general ease of use.

“Acer continues to show innovation in the projector market with the C250i,” said Victor Chien, president of Digital Display Business, Acer Inc. “It not only presents a creative design form factor that allows multi-angle projection without a stand or tripod , But also a unique way of self-portrait to share content in smartphones».


Acer C250i: multi-angle projection anytime, anywhere

Unlike other projectors limited to horizontal shots, the C250i supports multi-angle projection without support thanks to its unique twisted roller design. This design is not only elegant, but it saves space while offering users complete flexibility to project their screen on walls, ceilings and any surface they want, without the need for a stand or tripod.

Placed sideways, users can "roll" the projector to find the best angle to see the content on the wall or ceiling; Vertical orientation supports horizontal wall shots and activates self-portrait mode. This innovative self-portrait mode allows users to directly project video chat from portraits or live streaming sessions (in Facebook or Instagram, for example) wirelessly, using the full projection surface without black bars on the side.

Acer launches the C250i portable LED projector with multi-angle projection and the world's first self-portrait mode 1

Created for maximum flexibility and everyday use, the C250i feature set will surely impress even users of smartphones more advanced. The keystone correction ensures that the content on the screen looks flawless from all angles.

C250i: Full HD resolution of high quality and wireless performance

Despite its compact size, the C250i supports beautiful 1080p high-definition images and a battery life of up to 5 hours on a single charge. Both Android and iOS users can connect to the C250i wirelessly for a wireless and effortless experience at home or on the road. The LED module of the C250i offers a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, a wide range of colors that is 100% compatible with NTSC, brightness of 300 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 5,000: 1. The C250i also serves as a bank of Portable power to recharge phones while traveling. The projector's built-in Bluetooth speakers have a power of 5 watts to get the best sound in its class when you watch movies or TV shows.

C250i: a lot of connectivity options

Acer launches the C250i portable LED projector with multi-angle projection and the world's first self-portrait mode 2

In addition to wireless connectivity, the Acer C250i also has a standard HDMI port to connect and view content on a laptop or desktop. USB Type-C and Type-A ports support video output for both smartphones as for PC, and it is 100% plug and play (plug and play), so no additional drivers or software are needed. The USB Type A port allows direct multimedia playback from a USB drive for an incredibly elegant projection experience without a PC.

PL1 series: 4000 lumens laser projectorstwo with reliable 24/7 operation

In addition to the C250i, Acer also announced the new PL1 series laser projectors (PL1520i / PL1320W / PL1220), designed for exhibition halls, events, trade shows or medium-sized meeting rooms. They are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and require little maintenance with an LED module that lasts up to 30,000 hours. PL1 series projectors are ideal for projecting images wirelessly2 in commercial applications such as advertising, community bulletin boards, video playback in hallways and more. For greater durability, they have IP6X classification with a sealed optical motor and support 360-degree projection and 3-portraits projection as well as 4-corner trapezoidal image adjustment.

CastMaster Touch: a wireless presentation system with touch control

Acer CastMaster Touch is an easy-to-use wireless presentation system consisting of elegant stone-shaped receivers and transmitters to replace cable installations. It is plug and play without software and can change signals between presenters in 0.1 seconds. It can be controlled by touch gestures and has a low latency of less than 100 ms for receptive images. CastMaster Touch works perfectly with the PL1 series in the meeting room configuration.

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