Acer Predator Thronos triple immersive monitor kit costs $ 30,000


If you have that much money, you might be interested in a large three-monitor gaming chair for various reasons.

Ever wanted a large monitor and a very large gaming chair?


You need the Predator Thronos, then. It not so expensive. Promise But it is very large and striking. See, this bad boy came swinging around three screens and a big chair for you to plug in, and it looks like you're in the tower straight from your favorite game. These include RGB lighting, remote control, black metal “thrones” with cutouts throughout the body, mechanical keyboard traps, Zero-G recline,

You can get the Thronos Predator at a low price of $ 29,000.00. It's nothing, right? What you need is to make sure you meet three important requirements: an area with an environmental depth 8 foot times 8 feet, mounting location on the ground floor of a home or similar area, and an area that can support at least 715 pounds.

Then you need to fill out a Google form to request a purchase, because this is how it works. If you are so rich, you should ask permission to buy and it is considered worthy. You may receive a callback. I do not know. They didn't pay me enough to spend $ 30k on game setups like this and I'm sure they didn't do a unit overhaul.

We want to thank the virus for drawing attention to this silly monster. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Just look at that.

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