[Actualizado] Subtel charges Wom for using spectrum reserved for emergencies

by Kelvin
[Actualizado] Subtel charges Wom for using spectrum reserved for emergencies

[Actualizado] Subtel charges Wom for using spectrum reserved for emergencies 3

Without a doubt, the 700 MHz band has been one of the most recent events. This, after the Supreme Court ordered the three main companies to return part of the spectrum used in that frequency. For its part, Wom has always had the desire that the spectrum reserved for emergency -in that band- be tendered. I wish it could have come true, after the possible redistribution that would be carried out by the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) in the band 700.

About a year ago we told you about the tests that Wom would be performing in the 700 MHz band (B28). Time after Some customers reported us being connected to the 4G + network of the company, service that Uncle Wom did not deliver.


At the time, Subtel granted a permit to the Investigation Police (PDI) to conduct experimental tests in the emergency 20 MHz of the 700 MHz band. In this, Wom – and other companies – would have collaborated with the police. This permit expired in 2018, and since that time the company continued to deliver commercial services in that band.

Irregular use

Through a trade, Subtel accuses Wom of "having violated the General Telecommunications Law", this when “installing, operating and operating a public service base station, in the 703-712 MHz and 758-768 MHz frequency segments, located in Puente Alto”. Add to this two trades more than the only thing that varies is in the communes: Florida and Central Station.

Wom peñalolen antenna

The actions of the regulator they occur after an anonymous complaint, made in March of this year. For this Subtel conducted an investigation and presented the charges on June 26.

Remember that Wom has no spectrum granted in that band. Therefore, Subtel orders “immediately cease operation and exploitation” of that spectrum. Also informa that the company has 10 days to present their discharges to the Minister of Transportation and TelecommunicationsGloria Hutt

Wom's answer

For the VP of Sustainability of Wom, Maria Soto, denies the existence of irregular use. For this he points out:

“We have an experimental permit to test the new technology, and generate a mobile and public laboratory for the future development of 5G in our country. The tests carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, respond to such authorization, so we are calm with the due use of the frequencies granted in the experimental permit and we will respond within the corresponding deadlines ”.

According to Pulso newspaper sources, the use for such tests was after the charges made by Subtel.

The fines that Wom risks

The spectrum used by the company belongs to the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), who were not aware of this situation. Because of this, Wom risks a fine of up to 3,000 UTM, equivalent to about $ 150 million.


Today, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Pamela Gidi, referred to this situation. Gidi described it as a usual procedure, since complaints of this type are constantly received. "We have dozens of charges every month against all operators, I don't know why it has so much publicity," he explained.

Regarding audits, He indicated that these are carried out normally and it is common to find bad operations, lack of information, service problems and even improper frequencies.

[Actualizado] Subtel charges Wom for using spectrum reserved for emergencies 4

Regarding the authorization indicated by Wom, Gidi explained that this allowed the use of this spectrum in authorized whereabouts. While what was detected by the investigation, it went very far from these places.

Finally, the authority ruled out that the accusation is due to a maneuver to delay the spectrum return process of Claro, Entel and Movistar.

Source: Pulse & Financial Diary

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