Adobe updates Photoshop on its 30th anniversary

by Kelvin
Adobe updates Photoshop on its 30th anniversary

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In the last three decades, Photoshop has become part of our culture. Even those who have never used a copy are familiar with the concept of "Shot." Although this program has been defeated by newer and more sophisticated applications for many people, it is still a powerful and most used image editor on the planet. To help mark the 30th anniversary milestone, Adobe has released several good updates for the desktop version, especially for large users of Content-Aware Fill or Lens Blur Tool. Photoshop for iPad took the new object selection tool, and The company also added elements for its Photoshop brothers, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile.


Content-conscious fill workspace grows

Depending on how you use Photoshop, this is a big problem or "huh, does CAF have a workspace?" But if you are used to making many editions using the content recognition fill, the updated workspace allows you to make several different editions without leaving and re-entering the workspace. One place where this will be useful is a complex erase task, where multiple passes are needed to complete the job. Now everything can be completed in the same Workspace session.

Lens blur is better and faster

I eat more smartphones The combination of the ability to add depth maps to your images, post processing to add synthetic effects such as lens blur and the accompanying bokeh have become popular. Adobe added this to Photoshop a while ago, but the company has now improved the Lens Blur tool by moving it to the GPU and improving the results. In particular, it now does a better job of preserving colors in the blur produced synthetically from the specular focus. Blur the foreground should also be more realistic. Like the current version of the tool, you can manually edit depth maps while experimenting with the results. That is very important considering that there is no smartphone that provides perfect depth maps for complex images.

Lens blur tool "width =" 640 "height =" 333

The updated Lens Blur tool now runs on the GPU and offers more realistic and realistic highlights.

Pan and zoom softer, support Sleeker Stylus

As usual, there are some performance improvements that are in line with the new features. Specifically, panning and zooming should be faster and smoother, as is the mouse. Windows customers will not have to use WinTab for pencil support. In my experience, if you have a high-end system, changing and zooming in most file sizes is fairly straightforward, so I suppose this increase will allow the same type of performance on systems that are not very configured. Stylus active support Windows It's always a bit complicated, so it's good to see that Adobe also takes more control of that experience.

Photoshop for iPad continues to improve

Adobe became fashionable for all the functions that were missing in the first launch of Photoshop for iPad, but the company has fulfilled its promise to release updates regularly. This week's update brings an improved object selection tool, many new type features and improved performance for uploads and downloads in the cloud.

The new Photoshop object selection tool for iPad "width =" 640 "height =" 779

Photoshop for the new iPad object selection tool

Lightroom and Raw cameras also get some new items

First, Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw now offer photographers the ability to set the Camera Settings as the default for color reproduction when importing Raw images. Before Adobe Color was the default, so if you want to match the color you see on your camera's LCD screen, you must change it every time. Both also get performance because lens correction and transformation move to the GPU, and update the details to eGPU, if available, on Mac.

Automatic synchronization in Lightroom also becomes easier to use "width =" 640 "height =" 215

Automatic synchronization in Lightroom also becomes easier to use

Large files (.psb) are now compatible with Lightroom Classic, and users have more flexibility on how the second screen is used. The automatic synchronization user interface has also been updated. Those who want to migrate from Photoshop Elements 2020 can now also import their catalog. The creation of HDR and Panorama can now be done without having to deal with the Merge dialog as a separate step, using "Ctrl + Shift + H" and "Ctrl + Shift + M", respectively.

The cloud-centric version of Lightroom also receives some additions. Mac and Windows The current version can export DNG, the same as in Android and iOS. Sharing in other people's albums now offers the option to delete metadata, and album owners can export images that others have shared. Support has also been added to import directly into certain albums simply by inserting images into it.

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