Advantages of Blockchain technology to send money


Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin are terms that are widely used among those who work every day with the technology and are familiar with its use, however, for ordinary people, they are still a mystery and it is not very clear how you can enter this world and how safe is it. this world


When we talk about Blockchain, we are referring to the technology that comes with Bitcoin with a broader spectrum of possibilities. To understand it, Blockchain means blockchain and it was born as a secondary actor in the bitcoin revolution, because it is about the technology or the information encoding system that is behind virtual currency transactions that at the same time supports all its structures. It also has its own potential and enables a large number of applications, outside of financial transactions, such as public administration, the Internet of Things or the generation of smart contracts or smart contracts.

This is a technology that enables the transfer of digital data with highly sophisticated encryption and in a completely secure manner. This is like a company ledger where all cash inflows and outflows are recorded. However, this transfer does not require a centralized intermediary to certify the information, but is distributed or shared among many different parties and can be updated according to the consensus of the majority of the participants, the notes that contain blockchain. accurate and verifiable of each generated transaction.

In addition to the level of security against computer theft, it also has other advantages and, even if the network goes down, with only one computer or node, the information will never be lost and the services will continue to work.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to send payments abroad

Now that Blockchain technology is becoming more relevant, I keep in mind that in countries like Venezuela, where the currencies are highly devalued, the cryptocurrency is an instrument of protection against hyperinflation. In July of this year alone in Latin America, US $ 42.4 million is traded in Bitcoin, with Venezuela being the country with the highest transaction value of 53.2% of total trade, followed by Colombia with 25%.

Through this technology, it is also possible to produce international money transfer services, allowing money transfers in just a few minutes, a service offered in Chile by the company Quick Express,

We offer a money transfer service to Venezuela, our users send money from Chile to their relatives and that thanks to blockchain technology allows us to reflect in minutes the funds sent to the recipient's bank account, through 100% transparent and secure transactions and with the best exchange rates, explained the Commercial Director Sergio Carrasco of Quick Express (

If what you want is to obtain cryptocurrencies, you must create a virtual wallet, in Chile there are several options, one in the option that gives access to Exchange services to more than 100 cryptocurrencies thanks to its alliance with www., one of the most important crypto markets and originated in the United States.

How is a transaction made?

If you decide to make a wallet in ibitt, through its exchange service, you can obtain your chosen crypto asset with Chilean pesos, receive them directly in your virtual wallet and vice versa, that is, transfer crypto assets and receive Chilean pesos, which is very easy, fast and efficient. thanks to blockchain technology.

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