Advantages of Using the Scrum Methodology for Web Development

by Kelvin
Be Code (Source: Trello / Reproduction)

The SCRUM Methodology or Agile Methodology is a set of techniques and concepts used for web project development. Its focus is on making it easier to manage projects that involve some level of indeterminacy and constant change, as is often the case with software and app development.

In this methodology, the project is divided into cycles or sprints. At the beginning of each of these cycles, a planning meeting is held to create priorities for Product Backlog items, which is the grouping of all functionality to be delivered. After this prioritization, the activities to be worked on during that sprint are chosen.


During the Sprint period, at the beginning of each day, alignments are made between the team to keep track of what activities have already been done and what the day's priorities are. At the end of that sprint, the deliveries made, proposed improvements for the next cycles are analyzed and the next sprint to be started is planned.

Advantages of the method

1. Immediate start

Unlike other types of project methodologies where you can only start after having a detailed scope, at SCRUM, the start is quick, as details are added throughout Sprints.

2. Flexibility

In web projects it is common for changes to happen either early, mid or even later in the project. This methodology facilitates the planning of projects of this style, as changes can be incorporated into the new cycles to come.

Be Code (Source: Trello / Reproduction)

3. Visible Results at Each Step

As each Sprint carries a part of the development, the customer can be more aware of what is being done as it is possible to demonstrate demos that have already been developed for discussion on approval or enhancements.

4. Your product gets to market faster

This methodology enables faster development of a Minimum Viable Product (PMV), meaning you have a product that can be brought to market faster and as other project cycles are developed, improvements are being applied to the product. PMV. Thus, you or your customer do not have to risk placing a product on the market that needs further changes and, depending on the case, even being withdrawn from the market.

5. Less Risks

The biggest advantage offered by this methodology is the reduced risk of the project, because as it has a fast development and closely monitored by the customer, it is possible to adjust failures throughout the process and offer a more guaranteed product on the market.

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