After all it seems simple to install Google apps on Huawei Mate 30

by Kelvin
Mate 30 Huawei Google serviços apps

In introducing its new smartphone, Huawei had to show how it will handle the Google lock. To do this it has created its own ecosystem with all that is needed.

It's natural for users to want to have Google present and all that it brings with them. Huawei can't install it, but there is already a (apparently) simple way to do it. Use only one app and some patience.


Mate 30 Huawei Google Apps Services

Although it seems like a simple situation, the US blockade imposed on Huawei has a bigger impact than expected. It was well known that Google was barred from providing its services and apps to the Chinese company. This has forced investment in its ecosystem to be strengthened.

Huawei can't install apps from Google

The idea is to give developers freedom to bring their apps to Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and AppGallery. This will reinforce your offer in the Android world. Of course, this scenario alone is enough for Mate 30 to be autonomous and not dependent on Google.

Also since Mate 30 was introduced, many have been looking for ways to install Google apps and services. Several approaches were followed without their expected success. A new one has now emerged that promises to make bringing the Google ecosystem simple to Huawei's new smartphone.

9to5Google has tested the app available on the site and succeeded in installing Google services and then apps. This method has been successfully used in smartphones Huawei in China.

Mate 30's way to have the services you need

After accessing the site with the Mate 30 browser and downloading the app you must authorize the installation of the APK. This will then install the Google Play Store and the associated services.

With this step you just have to go to the Android store and install the Google apps you want. Users are not required to install all apps, choosing only the ones they need to use.

Mate 30 Huawei Google Apps Services

There were some issues with authentication on the Play Store as well as some of the apps, but they were resolved by restarting Mate 30. This is recommended whenever a new app is installed.

All apps are available to users

Huawei states from the outset that it cannot, for legal reasons, install Google services. Although this does not prevent users from looking for alternatives to this situation. At the limit may also be in the Huawei ecosystem.

There is still a long way to go until the Mate 30 hits the market. Huawei does not advance precise dates, but points to November as the likely time for launch. Until then, surely a lot can happen, from the lifting of the embargo or a smart solution from Huawei.

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