After all many of the news of iPhone 11 are already well known in the Android world

by Kelvin
After all many of the news of iPhone 11 are already well known in the Android world

The arrival of the new iPhone 11 marks a new point of order in the US market. smartphones. THE Apple once again showed its innovative capacity and presented 3 new models with many new features.

Of course these are unique in these models, but many immediately warned of a situation. Many of the latest features of iPhone 11 are already well known in the Android world.


iPhone Android Apple known news

The major focus of the presentation of the Apple in its Keynote was in the new iPhone 11. The 3 models have been renewed and have news. Undoubtedly the company has invested in the field of photography and in improving the use. The problem is that much of what was presented as novelty has been around for a long time in the Android universe.

The new super wide-angle camera

One of the first novelties presented was in the field of photography. The iPhone 11 has abandoned the telephoto camera, which it brought last year. Now we have opted for a more conservative super wide angle camera.

iPhone Android Apple known news

On stage they stressed this option as being the most logical. The point is that many Android manufacturers have already opted for this combination several years ago. We have LG with its G5 since 2016 and most recently the line Galaxyin the S10 and Note 10, or Huawei with the P30 Pro.

Night mode and low light photography

Another trump card much proclaimed on stage and received with enthusiasm was Night Mode and photography without light. THE Apple finally has a set of cameras that can capture images in dark situations.

iPhone Android Apple known news

Here we have again a repetition of what is normal. Since November last year Google has at Pixel this possibility and even before already brands such as Huawei, LG and Samsung had already crossed the barrier of no light.

The arrival of Dolby Atmos sound

By introducing the new Super Retina XDR screen, the Apple detailed several key points. One of them, Dolby Atmos sound, has been shown as one of the major updates and enhancements. Finally the iPhone will have a more advanced sound.

iPhone Android Apple known news

Looking at the Android market, with each passing year more and more proposals have this special sound. It is already a standard and all brands bet on this technology. THE Apple so brought to the iPhone another novelty that on Android has years.

Fast Charging for iPhone 11 Pro

Finally, and only in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, the Apple finally decided to bring a fast charging charger (18W). This will now be present in the top smartphone case of the Apple, to be used from day one. So far it had to be bought separately.

iPhone Android Apple known news

The comparison with the Android universe here may even be unfair to the Apple. The major brands of Google OS already have much more advanced systems with much higher power. Of course the fast chargers are present in the boxes of these equipments from the first moment.

Of course there is at least one news that the Apple created for the iPhone 11. Slow motion slofies, or selfies, make use of slow motion in the front camera. There are even rare smartphones that have this setting.

However, it was expected that Apple went further and had other news. Reverse charging was expected to integrate with AirPods and their wireless charging box. It may arrive for the year and with other news.

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