After all, Microsoft wants Paint to be just another extra in Windows 10

by Kelvin
Additional Microsoft Update Windows 10 Paint

After all, Microsoft wants Paint to be just another extra in Windows 10 2

Microsoft's relationship with Paint in Windows 10 has not been peaceful. With an alternative application created and present, it seems pointless to continue. The decisions seem to point in many ways, without a final decision.

For the next major update of Windows 10 there are already movements. Paint seems to have taken a new turn and will be a simple extra without being installed.


Since 2017, Microsoft has been looking for a way to paint. He has already decreed a certain death, being completely eliminated from Windows 10. The idea was to pave the way for Paint 3D, the new design application for this system.

A new change of Microsoft Paint in Windows 10

After that, he stepped back in this decision and kept the application in his operating system. The discontent of the users dictated mainly this new change, although in reality it was about to switch to the Microsoft application store.

After all these confusions, a new direction is taken. Windows 10 will become an extra of Windows 10, not installed and affordable. This step should be taken in the next important update, which arrives in early 2020.

Additional Microsoft Update Windows 10 Paint

This is a situation that can already be seen in the Insiders program. The last Build removed Paint and moved it to optional functionality. It is in the same area where we can also find the Player of Windows Media, or the MSIX packaging tool, or Developer Mode for Windows or Microsoft Quick Help.

The latest update makes this application simpler

The latest update brings the accessible area in Definitions Windows 10 and looking for the option Applications. Inside find the tab Applications and features, then choose the option Optional features. Paint will be there waiting for users to install.

So is this where Paint will leave Windows 10? After so many changes, everything aims to become an accessory application in the Microsoft system. It certainly will not be the most dignified end, but it is necessary to keep all parties satisfied.

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