After four years, the modular block smartwatch has been canceled

by Kelvin
After four years, the modular block smartwatch has been canceled

The problem with many of our technologies today is that users cannot update them. This means that when they are outdated, you must either absorb them and continue to use them, or pay money for new models. That is why the ideas and concepts of modular devices are very interesting, where we can exchange old components with new ones.

This also explains why there is interest in the Block modular smartwatch that launched on Kickstarter in 2015. Unfortunately, it appears that after four years of being launched on Kickstarter, the Modular Block Smartwatch project has been officially canceled. According to the message shared by the team with its followers, there were a series of problems that eventually caused the cancellation of the device.


For example, one of the reasons they stated that they had lost their major manufacturing and software partners. However, despite that, the company decided to survive, but in the end they ran out of money. They managed to send a limited number of smartwatches to a number of followers, but device reviews found it not to be the ideal experience.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of crowdfunding-funded projects where, while there are many promises, it can end up being a disaster. It's interesting to see what would happen to the Block on the market today if it were to succeed, but we don't think we'll ever know.

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