After its success on Steam, DARQ is negotiating with the Epic Games Store but without being exclusive

by Kelvin
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A few weeks ago, Unfold Games launched his new game DARQ in Steam. This game is a surreal 2D adventure with a unique style, which attracted a lot of attention and allowed it to have good sales. This game also caught the attention of Tim Sweeney, the president of Epic Games, who now tries to get an exclusivity with its developers. Despite what many expect, the company responded with something unusual.

“We are glad to see that DARQ succeeded because it is a great game and it deserves it. That's why we contacted them (Unfold Games) to explore exclusivity, ”says Sweeney from his Twitter. One of the answers was from the developer herself, which says: “Tim, I was glad to hear this. If you change your mind and accept DARQ in your store without exclusive treatment, I will donate 100% of the Epic Games Store proceeds to charity. If you accept, the charity may be chosen by the community later. ”


Sweeney still didn't answer, at least in Twitter. Apparently, Tim Sweeney had also suggested something similar to Steam: “If Steam agrees to forever share 88% of revenue with all developers and publishers without any other commitment, then Epic will immediately stop acquiring exclusives and will even consider publishing their own games on Steam. ”

What do you think of DARQ?

Source: 3D Games

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