# AGDQ2020: Walking speed for cancer detection [Notiz] (Upgrade)

# AGDQ2020: Walking speed for cancer detection [Notiz] (Upgrade) 1

The edition of the Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) fundraising marathon has started. The games are played and broadcast for one week at high speed (running speed). The audience is encouraged to contribute to a good cause.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is committed to cancer prevention, will again receive revenue. Anyone interested in donating or even just watching can find more information about the campaign and the live stream at gamesdonequick.com. The schedule provides an overview.


AGDQ's Speedrun fundraiser has celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since 2011 there have been two such events along with Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) and other branches on a smaller scale at irregular intervals. The previous summer edition increased the record contribution of $ 3 million for MSF organizations.

The wait is over. # AGDQ2020 now live! We will stream all week while raising money @preventcancer!

Be sure to watch, donate and follow us Facebook and Instagram the channel too!

– Quick Finish Game (@GamesDoneQuick) January 5, 2020

Update 01/13/2020 2:37 p.

AGDQ 2020 ends Sunday with donations greater than $ 3.13 million. On average, more than 54,167 supporters donated nearly $ 58, as revealed by the Donation Tracker. About $ 700,000 less is earned at AGDQ 2019. AGDQ 2020 results also mean a new all-time record for fast paced matches.

Final total for # AGDQ2020 is: $ 3,131,475!

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this event, to everyone who contributed and to all of our runners! Almost 100,000 more than our previous record! # AGDQ2020 pic.twitter.com/eqIo2rzN5O

– Quick Finish Game (@GamesDoneQuick) January 12, 2020

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