Airpods Apple have obtained more profits than YPF, Mercado Libre and Galicia


It sounds crazy, but it's a hard reality: the exclusive headphones from Apple more than three major firms have already billed


When EarPod launched, the initial idea was just to make money by offering side products that enhance the "experience." AppleThat is the technological lifestyle that drives big apple companies.

But what surprised him Apple, the small headphones turned out to have a sustained growth year after year of more than 125%, something that even the analysts of the time (in 2016) knew how to succeed. Efforts to generate more revenue without having to touch the price of an iPhone that has sold around 60 million devices, infotechnology reports.

First of all, you should compare with the best-selling products. Apple: iPhone. Since 2017, around 215 million devices have been sold per year. Considering that each one costs US $ 1,000 – around – this generates an average income of US $ 215,000 million per year, more than 80% of total income Apple.

Looking at the AirPods figures, the specialists draw some conclusions. In 2017 Apple Around 15 million devices were sold, each with a unit price of $ 150, bringing the total to $ 225 billion. This value means, at that time, only 1% of income generated by the iPhone.

However, by 2018, the number had started to grow surprisingly, with 35 million pairs sold at the same price as the previous year, generating additional revenue of $ 525 billion. 2.4% of iPhone revenue. Therefore, investors start to pay attention in 2019, when around 60 million are sold, according to the website ElMejorTrato.

In addition to a large increase in sales, prices have changed due to the launch of the second generation AirPod ($ 200) and its "premium" version, AirPod Pro ($ 250). Assuming a fair share of the quantities sold between the three models, AirPods revenue is $ 12 billion, which means 4.5% of iPhone revenue for Apple.

It is clear that AirPods are here to stay, but that does not guarantee a constant or constantly increasing sales rate; will be Apple which must have a good pricing strategy, it also creates a complete audio ecosystem that makes AirPod more than just wireless headphones, both adding additional features and functions on iOS (rumored to launch AirPods-only operating system).

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