Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, says he wants comic book distance

by Kelvin
Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, says he wants comic book distance

In a rare interview to deadline, writer Alan Moore revealed that he currently wants to distance himself from comic books and said the reason for not liking the adaptations of his works. the author of watchmen and v for Vendetta he also said that superhero movies “ruined the culture”.

After public dissatisfaction with the adaptation of The Extraordinary League, in 2003, Moore banned his name from being linked to any production. The author also refuses to profit from them.

Entering the audiovisual business with his own projects, he presents the show. Starring Tom Burke and directed by Mitch Jenkins, the film was described as a fantastic adventure, set in Northampton, Moore’s hometown. The plot shows a man searching for a stolen artifact, on a journey that takes him into a surreal world of crime and mystery.


Alan Moore and the comics

After making several short films, Moore has plans for a TV series based on the characters in the film. According to information gathered during the interview, the stories are planned to last five seasons.

And the author said he retired from comics for good: “I’m not that interested in comics anymore, I don’t want to have anything to do with them.” “Most people now compare comics to superhero movies. I haven’t seen a superhero movie since the first one batman, by Tim Burton. They ruined cinema and, to some extent, culture,” he argued.

According to Moore, the public that consumes this type of entertainment most of the time can forget about more important situations, such as elections. Asked if he feels responsible for the way comics have changed society, Moore commented that this industry could be one of the culprits, as it is always aimed at unbridled profit.

Even having written one of the most famous and important comics about the Joker, the author said that he found the atmosphere of the film very violent and that he does not agree with the approaches used. “I increasingly think the best version of Batman was Adam West, who didn’t take him seriously,” he said. “We have a kind of superhero in the show, but if we have a chance to develop them further people will be able to see all the characters with very unusual aspects,” concluded Moore.

It remains to wait for news about the project.

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