Alexa, an assistant to rule them all and … tie them in the dark?

by Kelvin
Alexa, an assistant to rule them all and ... tie them in the dark?

Alexa, an assistant to rule them all and … tie them in the dark?

When the end of the year approaches, Amazon He usually summons the media to announce his new hardware products, and for a while the protagonist is Alexa. But this year has been so overwhelming that We asked ourselves if Amazon he's not taking his assistant too far.

The company of Jeff Bezos has presented new intelligent speakers, as they told us in Omicrono, but also devices that, until now, did not have an intelligent assistant.


List of products announced by Amazon

In the hour and a half of presentation, David Limp, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services of Amazon, has shown us these products:

  1. Echo Dot with watch
  2. Echo Show 8
  3. New Echo
  4. Echo Studio
  5. Echo Dot Kids Edition
  6. Echo Glow
  7. New eero routers
  8. Echo Flex
  9. Ring alarm
  10. Retrofit alarm kit
  11. Stick Up Camera
  12. Indoor chamber
  13. Smart oven Amazon
  14. Fetch (pet locator)
  15. Echo Auto (integration into vehicles)
  16. Echo Buds (headphones)
  17. Echo Frames (smart glasses)
  18. Echo Loop (smart ring)

Almost two dozen products, all with Alexa or with remote control from the assistant. It is something exaggerated even for this company.

Amazon wants Alexa to be ubiquitous

Alexa, an assistant to rule them all and ... tie them in the dark? 1

It is clear that the bet of the shopping giant is to make whenever we say "Alexa" out loud there is a device that listens to us, regardless of whether we are with the mobile, in front of the TV, playing sports or driving.

The huge quantity of products has been such that it has buried curious proposals such as Echo Loop, a bone conduction ring, or smart glasses Echo Frame, something more plausible than Google Glass.

The sensation has been of saturation, of emotion if you like the new devices, but also of distrust before a bet that is aggressive. Very aggressive

Little by little we get used to the attendees listening to us almost at all times, but today we have passed to a new level. And we don't know how the public will take it.

Privacy is important.

In addition to physical products, Amazon He has emphasized privacy, how we can control what Alexa hears and even ask why it has been activated if we have not invoked it.

Despite that, it is clear that when there are many microphones listening to us at all times, these situations will occur more often, although in the Bezos company they say that they have improved by 50% the invocation failure rate of their assistant.

The software is no less relevant

Alexa, an assistant to rule them all and ... tie them in the dark? 2

Together with the many devices, Amazon It has launched new services, such as the one that allows us to control which children can use the assistant, or another that lets us turn off the wireless networks individually.

But the biggest surprise is Amazon Sidewalk, a new type of connectivity halfway to Wifi and 5G with a range of almost one km, to be able to further expand the space controlled by the home automation network of Amazon.

Until now we could think that Amazon and Google were fighting on the same ground but the first just launched an offense so huge that we wonder if the war is over.

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