Alexa: how to prevent employees from Amazon listen to your conversation


To improve Alexa, Amazon giving yourself the right to listen to their conversation, just like Google and Apple with Assistant and Siri. Jeff Bezos' company has provided its views on this issue in the face of the recent controversy. We also explain how to protect your personal data with Alexa and prevent employees of Amazon spy on it.

A climate of suspicion overwhelms smart assistants. After the controversy, when we discovered that Google employees and Apple Hearing our conversation to improve Assistant and Siri, the companies in Mountain View and Cupertino decided to stop spying on users to end the buzz. Stay on top of the position of Amazon In this matter, while Alexa complements the popular speakers connected to Echo, many third-party devices (speakers, TV boxes, smart TVs, connected objects of all kinds, Xbox, Windows 10 …). A spokesperson for the group clarified VentureBeat.


Amazon Alexa: how to protect your personal data

“We take our clients' privacy seriously and continue to review our practices and procedures. For Alexa, we have offered customers the option of not using their voice recordings to develop new Alexa features. Voice recordings of users using this output option are also excluded from the learning workflow. “We are supervised, which involves manual review of a very small sample of Alexa requests. We will also update the information provided to customers to clarify our practices, ”he told the media.

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The following is a procedure to prevent employees of Amazon listen to their conversation:

    Open the app Amazon AlexaI see you in Configurationschoose Alexa and your personal informationchoose Manage how your data helps improve Alexauncheck Contribute to improve services. Amazon and develop new functionsA little further down, you can also uncheck Excuse me Amazon use messages to improve transcription accuracy

And that's it, that's it. Note that you can also use voice commands to erase your history Amazon Alexa today on request. Simple "Alexa, erase everything I said today", and you erase the memory of your assistant.

Source: VentureBeat