Alfawise AD-1806: automatic soap dispenser

by Kelvin
Alfawise AD-1806: automatic soap dispenser

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In my understanding, the concept of a smart home does not require the mandatory unification of just one big management system. There are many gadgets that require basic, independent automation – for example, nightlights with a motion and lighting sensor, garbage cans with an opening lid, and automatic water pumps. The hero of today's review also refers to them – an automatic soap dispenser.


In the ecosystem of the beloved Xiaomi brand by all of us, there are at least three options for automatic dispensers, but for testing I decided to focus on a more budgetary option, from the alfawise brand I have repeatedly tested. By the way, it looks very similar to one of the options from Xiaomi.

As for the price range, at the time of creating a review, devices from Xiaomi have a cost of around $ 20, the hero of the review is 13. If you like this topic, then I will definitely take on the Xiaomi version.

Where can one buy?

– at the time of the review, the price with a GBA43849 coupon is $ 12.99

– at the time of the review price – $ 23.99


Dispenser is delivered in a cardboard box with color printing. Interestingly, the brand name is not on it. The inscriptions are all in English, there is an indication that you need 4 AA batteries to power the device, and a foaming soap as a gas station.

At the end there is a short description of the operating principles – a non-contact sensor, volume adjustment and, quite rightly, a mention that the gadget will appeal to children. I’ll also like it :] To protect against damage during shipment, there is a dense shockproof insert at the top of the box. Everything arrived in complete integrity and safety.


The dispenser has a cylindrical shape – in its lower part there is a translucent compartment for liquid soap. Top – curved nose.

According to the declared characteristics – the housing is protected according to the IPX4 standard – which means protection against water splashes from any direction, it is quite enough for use in bathrooms. The brand name Alfawise – a little crookedly pasted in the center of the case. Knowing the breadth of goods under this brand, it is easy to guess that the manufacturer is actually different, the goods are made to order.


On the upper part are two rubberized buttons – power and adjust the volume of soap.

At the bottom of the spout is an infrared sensor and a rubber valve for dispensing foam soap.

To understand the size – a dispenser next to a one and a half liter bottle of water. I would say – it is slightly higher than the average capacity for liquid soap


To refill the dispenser capacity – it must be unscrewed. It is translucent, which is necessary for visual control of the level of soap. Dispenser without a container – for the collection of soap there is a rather thick tube reaching the bottom of the container

The tank capacity is 280 ml. He needs to pour liquid soap – on the eye, about ⅙ of the volume. The rest of it – plain water and stir well – I just shook it several times vigorously

At the bottom of the case is a battery compartment, covered with a plastic cover. Under it are slots for the vertical installation of 4 AA batteries. The installation procedure is shown next to the sticker. I used 4 inexpensive batteries from the nearest supermarket – but in the future I plan to use batteries

Device operation

Management is very simple. When you press the power button, either red lights up – this means that the device is turned off, or a white LED – it means that it is turned on. When you press the adjustment key – 1 white flash – the standard volume of foam, 2 flashes – increased.

See video review for more details.

The volume of soap dispensed, even in a standard portion, is too big for me, even for average adult hands. And for children – even more so. The noise is quiet and non-stressful.

With an increased dosage, the volume of foam is one and a half times more, it is difficult to even hold in the hand, this is for owners of very dirty or large hands.

Video version


Dispenser really liked me and all home, especially children. I have already been given the task of equipping such and other points of handwashing. Plans to purchase a dispenser from the Xiaomi ecosystem – and compare with this.