All about getting Pokémon GO incense

by Kelvin
All about getting Pokémon GO incense 1

All about getting Pokémon GO incense 2

Incenses are very effective tools when hunting a Pokémon; since they allow you to attract them without having to move much. It doesn't matter where you are, because using incense, the pokemon will come to you. If you want to know how to get Pokémon GO incense, in this article you will discover how to do it for free and prolong its duration. Keep reading so you know the details.

Get Pokémon GO incense

You can get the incenses by buying them directly at the game store.


Even so, we know another way to get them without spending anything. If you want to try, enter the following link Within it, you can find various tools to have incense and help attract all the pokémones.

Get Pokémon GO incense for free and unlimited

get incense pokemon go how to do

Once you have connected your account with the link, you will be able to access all the benefits that the page offers you. One of these is the help to get 500 incenses completely free, without having spent your money in the game store; When you have already generated the incenses, they will appear in your Pokemon GO account. You should not forget that these incenses are limited time, so you will have to know how to use them.

To improve the operation of this tool, you can modify the time of your cell phone; in this way the use of incense will be configured. This little trick will allow you to enjoy it for longer.

How to increase the active time of Pokémon Go incenses

To increase the duration of incenses, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Press the incense inside the game.
  • Minimize the game and then go to the menu of Settings.
  • Look for the option of Date and Time.
  • Set the time (Do not put it in automatic mode and go back for about 30 minutes).

Did this little trick help you? We want to know everything through your comments!

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