All about the latest Telegram connection

by Kelvin

This time we will tell you everything you need to know about the last Telegram connection, a somewhat controversial parameter that should know its operation so that users who use that messaging app are clear about how it works.

Telegram is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp, although the truth is that it offers many more features. Of course, elements such as the line status of the contacts are practically the same parameters, with the exception of some details.


It is precisely in its operation where we see some differences that the user should know, that is why we will explain in detail everything you need to know about this element in order to configure it correctly and according to the needs of each one.

What is the last connection?

The last Telegram connection is a parameter that allows you to meet another user of your contacts calendar when was the last time you opened the application. In this case, you can know the exact time and date of the last use you made of Telegram.

Image - All about the latest Telegram connection

Is a date that is updated according to the use you give Telegram, every time you open the app to chat or consult anything, the user will know that this was the last time you connected, if in two minutes you come back in, that date will be updated with this new entry.

That is, every time you enter Telegram, the date will change. While you are inside Telegram, the phrase "online", something that other users can see, in case you have decided so in the configuration of the app, because it is a configurable parameter.

Hide last Telegram connection

As we have already mentioned, Telegram line status can be set, which means that it is possible to hide it from all contacts or a certain group of users, the latter option that WhatsApp does not allow.

It is very easy to hide the last Telegram connection, but you must take into account something important, once you hide it so that no one “controls” you, you won't be able to see the rest of the users, instead you will see undetermined dates.

Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram This parameter is more configurable and you have several possibilities to choose who sees your last connection, you can only choose one of the three and they are the following:

  1. Everyone: Any person, whether or not you have them in your contacts agenda, even if you add them now, will be able to see your line status every time you enter Telegram, except if that person has this parameter hidden, as we discussed before.
  2. My contacts: choosing this option, which will make only your contacts (those who belong to your calendar) can see your last connection with a specific date and time.
  3. No one: By choosing this possibility, you will hide the line status to all people, regardless of whether they are contacts or not.

Image - All about the latest Telegram connection

Depending on the option you choose, you have different exceptions. For example, if you choose "my contacts", The last connection can be seen by all your contacts, but imagine that you do not want to show it to a certain user, even if it is on your agenda, because this option gives you that possibility.

Another situation, imagine that you only want two or three very specific people (for example, your parents) to see your last connection to TelegramIn this case, the option “nobody” should be checked and an exception added so that your father and mother have access to see that parameter.

Indeterminate connection dates

If a specific time and day appears on the last Telegram connection of a contact from you, that means it has hidden the possibility that you will see its current line status, instead, what appears are undetermined dates. Depending on what you see, they mean one thing or another:

  1. Last time recently: It means that this person connected to Telegram a few seconds ago or up to 2-3 days ago.
  2. Last time a few days ago: That phrase means that user was in the app more time ago, specifically it would connect between 2-3 days up to a maximum of 7, that is, between that period of time.
  3. Last time a few weeks ago: The last connection took place sometime 6-7 days ago until a month ago.
  4. Last time a long time ago: More than a month ago (it could be several months, years, etc.) that was last connected to Telegram, an option that also appears to blocked users.

"Online", when and who can see that status?

You may wonder, when and what people can see my status "online" when I am on Telegram? They will be able to see that you are online when you are inside Telegram chatting or doing anything else, unless you have hidden the status from all your contacts.

That is, it will depend on how you have configured this parameter with one of the options to hide the line status that we tell you above. Yes, a contact you have blocked will never see your last connection not even if you're inside WhatsApp.

With all that we have detailed, you should already be clearer everything you should know about the last Telegram connection. If you are worried about your privacy and not being controlled by other people, it doesn't hurt to hide it in the app's settings.