All the methods to take screenshots on your Xiaomi mobile

by Kelvin
Xiaomi captura pantalla


Our Android phones are loaded with features. The possibilities tend to increase when manufacturers shape the customization layers, which modify or add new options to improve the user experience. But if there is a function that millions of people use daily they are the screenshots. Today we will see how to perform these screenshots on Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI as the Redmi Note 7.


It is usual that when you change your mobile, we feel lost to perform some of the functions we used to do with total ease. Taking a screenshot is very useful for saving data or quickly sharing something we are seeing with our contacts. In Xiaomi phones with MIUI we can choose between Three different methods to take screenshots.

Classic method

The first method is the most classic and perhaps used by all. For this we will have to be on the screen that we want to capture and press at the same time Volume down and power button. After about a second we will hear the sound of the camera shutter and we will see a thumbnail of the capture emerge on the screen, which means that it was successful.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 black

From the quick menu

We can also take screenshots from the quick access menu of the phone. For this we will only have to move the screen from above down and select the icon "Screenshot", which is symbolized by small scissors.

Xiaomi screenshot

With three fingers

The third and last method may be the most unknown, but certainly the most useful and fastest when we get used to it. It's about using the gesture system that allows us Use three fingers to take screenshots. To do this we only have to slide the three fingers from the top of the screen down. In this way the screenshot will be made on our Xiaomi mobile, being able to edit and share it later.

All the methods to take screenshots on your Xiaomi mobile 2

And with an app?

Although not strictly necessary, installing a third-party app will always allow us to find alternative methods to take screenshots on our Xiaomi mobile. We leave you just below with the direct link to Screen Master, one of the best. With this app we can make screenshots on our Xiaomi mobile quickly using a floating button or by shaking our device, among many other options.

Download Screen Master on Google Play

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