All the news that comes with beta for both iOS and iPadOS 13.4

by Kelvin
iOS 13.4 evolution letter bar

Apple yesterday released the second beta of iOS and iPadOS 13.4, the big update we were expecting at the end of March, it could coincide with what should be the keynote of the iPhone 9, if it is celebrated Being a major update, there are some new things that should be highlighted.

We have reviewed you when Apple By launching the first beta version of this version all the news that have arrived, now with the second beta version we have an interesting improvement again.


News about iOS 13.4 beta 2

In the first beta, Apple add one New Mail toolbar, iCloud file sharing, new Memoji stickers and announced the next support for universal purchases for iOS and Mac applications. That is the main novelty of iOS 13.4, which is now updated again.

  • New bottom bar in Mail. Apple I fixed the bottom bar that appeared in the email app in the previous beta, a design that I have in iOS 13 Not practical. In this second beta, you decided to improve the design by moving the reply icon one place to the left and adding one to compose a new email.

  • CarKey. With the previous beta, a new feature emerged that allowed us to use the iPhone as a key in our car with NFC technology. Now the second beta version adds new information that confirms that these keys to unlock and start our car can be sent to other users through iMessage.
  • TV app. The TV applications available on iOS and iPadOS are places that we can see Apple TV + and many other series of platforms, now there are new configuration settings that come with the second beta version of iOS 13.4. Options have been added to allow downloads using mobile data, choose quality or limit data usage, and also options when downloading content.

It is the most important news This second version has been found in iOS 13.4, although there may be other better news still hidden.

All the news that comes with beta for both iOS and iPadOS 13.4 1

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