All the news that comes with iOS 13.1 beta

by Kelvin
All the news that comes with iOS 13.1 beta

Apple We were surprised yesterday afternoon by publishing the first beta of iOS 13.1, at first we all thought it was a mistake since the final version of iOS 13 is not yet public, however shortly after it was confirmed that it was not a bug and that both betas will coincide in time, although we do not know if we will see more betas of iOS 13 before its final release.


Being a ".1" version, this beta includes some interesting news and return some functions eliminated in previous betas.

Everything new you'll find in iOS 13.1

It is a version that will not be released until several weeks, so still Apple Pepe add many improvements, for now this is what we have found.

Volume Slider Improvements

It is one of the main improvements of iOS 13, the indicator that appears when we raise or lower the volume of the iPhone or iPad no longer appears in the middle, now it is on the side and is tactile. With iOS 13.1 now we will see a small icon depending on which device we are modifying the volume.

For example If we have connected AirPods, its icon will appear, as with the Beats headphones. The same happens when we increase the volume of the Apple TV or a call, we will have a small icon that will show us this information.

ios volume icons 13.1

Share Share arrival to Maps

It is a function that was available in the first betas of iOS 13 but that disappeared some versions ago, now returns and in this way we can share a route that we are doing with Maps with any of our contacts, so you will know at all times where we are and when we will arrive.

share arrival ios 13.1

New dynamic wallpapers

For several versions, since iOS 7 if I remember correctly, iOS includes a series of dynamic wallpapers with colored circles. In iOS 13.1 Apple has renewed its collection adding new wallpapers that will also be available on all devices.

dynamic backgrounds iOS 13.1

New widget that shows the battery of a controller or controller

One of the novelties of iOS 13 is its compatibility with the PS4 controller and Xbox One, now we have available the percentage of battery that a controller has left external from the battery widget.

ios control battery

Mouse Enhancements

Another of the Important news of iOS 13 and iPadOS is its compatibility with a mouse. We could already buy how this novelty worked and now thanks to iOS 13.1 we will have interesting improvements. It has been secondary click enabled to work as a touch with 3D Touch or press and hold.

Other news

These have been the main novelties of iOS 13.1, but there are other smaller improvements which also includes this update:

  • The Automation of the Shortcuts app is available again.
  • New HomeKit icons.
  • Small improvements in Apple Music
  • Beta apps now have a yellow circle in front of the name.
  • iOS 13.1 adds HEVC video encoding.
  • The app of Apple Watch Nike + Run Club is now called Nike Run Club.
  • The weather widget icons are now bigger.

As we see iOS 13.1 arrives with important news, although it still has several weeks to come to light, it will be the first major update of iOS 13. We all hope that Apple Send the invitations to the iPhone 11 keynote at any time, and it will be after the presentation when iOS 13 and ipadOS are officially launched.