All the news that comes with iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 5

by Kelvin
ios 13 ipadOS portada beta 5

Apple launched yesterday a new beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS for iPhone and iPad and the truth is that it has been a version full of news and improvements. Slowly Apple is shaping its new operating systems so that everything is ready when they are officially launched in September.


The fifth beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS corrects some rather annoying bugs of beta 4, improves overall system performance and add some very interesting news, reviewed below.

Major improvements to beta 5 of iOS 13 and iPadOS

Apple It has picked up pace with its updates and every two weeks we have a new beta, if we continue with this progression it is very likely that we will reach beta 8 or 9 If no problems appear. These are the most important news and improvements of the fifth beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Customizing the application grid on iPadOS

icons on iPadOS

Now we have a new display option on iPadOS, we can choose between a view with the largest traditional icons, in a format of 5 columns x 4 rows or the new one of iPadOS with 6 columns x 5 rows. Only with this second format can we see the widgets on the left on the main screen.

Volume indicator with haptic response

The volume indicator has been completely redesigned on iOS 13 and iPadOS and continues to improve. We have a total of 34 volume levels different and now to slide the indicator we will have a haptic response, that is, a small vibration.

Home screen with dark mode selector

As soon as you start your iPhone with iOS 13 or iPadOS the welcome screen now shows more information about the news and allows us to select by default if we want to use the light mode or the dark mode.

Tab customization options Share and new design

Another of the great novelties of iOS 13 and iPadOS is the share tab, it has been completely redesigned and now in beta 5 more improvements arrive. Now we have two differentiated areas and we can choose what we want to show First.

share ios 13

What's new in CarPlay

CarPlay continues to add improvements and in the beta remover of iOS 13 now shows an option to choose if we want to whether or not the title page of the song is displayed We are listening.

New cursor settings when using a mouse

The mouse is one of the great novelties that will come to iPadOS and Apple has added new features in this update, now we have more cursor size options.

New achievements for movement goals in the Activity app

Apple keep thinking about our health and if until now we had achievements of up to 1000 days as a movement target, now we have 1250, 1500, 1750 and 200 days.

iOS 13 activity achievements

The connection icons are now larger

The 4G / LTE icons are now displayed in a larger size on iPhone and iPad compatible with this type of connection.

Siri in the HomePod will recognize different voices

One of the promises of Apple was that Siri in the HomePod would recognize several voices, it seems that this function will begin to star available from this beta 5.

siri for everyone several voices ios 13

New wallpapers in the Home app

The Home application from which we control all our HomeKit accessories has been redesigned in iOS 13 and now we can choose new wallpapers.

Automation has disappeared from the Shortcuts app

One of the novelties of the Shortcuts app was Automation, however it wasn't working quite well in previous betas. Apple It appears to have removed this option temporarily until they improve its operation.

Open in a new tab in Safari with 3D Touch

In beta 5 of iOS 13 and iPadOS returns a function eliminated in previous betas for no apparent reason. Now holding a link or pressing with 3D Touch We can open that tab in the background.

open background safari ios 13

Spanish translation of some options

It is usual that many of the new functions are not translated in the first betas, little by little Apple has been solving and for example, the new function of Reorganize apps when we press and hold an icon is already translated into Spanish.

How do we see this fifth beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS has arrived loaded with interesting news and some somewhat desperate mistakes have been fixed, for example one that caused Safari to close unexpectedly. Apple Keep improving your systems and it may be a good time to try these betas on your devices.