All the secrets of the U1 chip that include the new iPhone 11

by Kelvin
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Today we are going to talk in depth about all the tasks performed by the new U1 chips present on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro.


In theory, these new chips incorporated in the smartphones next-gen of Apple They are responsible for positioning data with brutal precision. But they hide many more secrets …

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All the functions of the U1 chip of the iPhone 11

The company of the bitten apple did not mention the chip in the entire keynote of the iPhone 11. Until now we only knew that it can place the people closest to you at the top of your contacts Airdrive.

But recently we have known that the new U1 chip could be specially designed to track objects. The latest rumors talked about a device capable of locating any object, and this chip could be related to it. However, the company of the bitten apple did not present any new product like this.

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The U1 chip of the iPhone 11 uses technology Ultra WideBand (UWB) so that the smartphone is able to locate with exact precision any other device that has another U1 chip. Think of it as a kind of GPS designed only for a room in your home.

Of course, any device with Bluetooth connectivity is also able to locate devices. But this locator is based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal, so it is limited.

But in addition, the U1 chip could in the future unlock a device that you have lost until you are close to it. As if it were a master key capable of unlocking other devices and accessories. This is all we know so far about this mysterious U1 chip.

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