All you have to do before selling your iPhone

by Kelvin
All you have to do before selling your iPhone


It is believed that at least two out of every three phones purchased second-hand still contain data from the previous owner when they pass to the new owner. In the same way that a house that is sold is left without the most intimate or precious personal effects, our mobile must also go through a “cleaning” process to ensure that the new owner receives it without old traces, which also guarantees our Privacy. Today we explain what should you do before selling or giving away your iPhone to another person.


Do not forget that our mobile is loaded with sensitive data about us. Therefore, before selling or giving away our iPhone, we must delete all personal information. It is not necessary to manually delete each contact, reminder, calendar or document, or other information and iCloud, as long as we have the session initiated in this service with our ID Apple. First of all, make a backup of all our files. The We can make backup copies with iCloud or with iTunes. Let's see both methods and you should choose the one that suits you best.

ICloud backup

Go to Settings / Your name / Press iCloud. Now select Backup. We must remain connected to the Wi-Fi network until the whole process is over. When making the copy we can verify that everything has gone correctly, since in “Make Backup” we can check the date and time of the last backup.

iPhone Copy to iCloud

ITunes backup

We open iTunes on the computer and connect our iPhone. Then we will have to select on “Make Backup” now and the process will begin. If we want to save the health and activity data of our iPhone, we must encrypt the backup. To do this, we select the “Backup copy” box. Then we will establish a password and we will be able to proceed with the backup.

iPhone backup in iTunes

Delete all data

Once we have our backup copy we will proceed to restore the device to erase all contents and settings. First of all we must log out of iCloud, iTunes Store and the App Store. To do this we will have to go to Settings / Your Name / Log out. We introduce the password of our ID Apple and click on Disable. Then we just have to go to Settings / General / Reset / Delete contents and Settings. If we have activated search my iPhone we must enter the ID of Apple and password to confirm the action. In case of switching to a terminal other than iPhone, we must unregister the iMessage. To do this we go to Settings / Messages and click on disable iMessage.

iPhone reset

In this way we will leave our iPhone ready so that it can be used by the new owner, without fear that no personal data, photo or email could remain in the inkwell.

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