All you have to know about WhatsApp Plus Reborn

by Kelvin

All you have to know about WhatsApp Plus Reborn 3

WhatsApp is definitely one of the instant messaging applications that has made its way through the others. Of course it has a lot of competition, but it doesn't keep it from being updated to improve more and more. This time we talk about WhatsApp Plus Reborn, one of the MOD of this app that has managed to be heard among other versions of the original.

Some previous things

whatsapp plus and original whatsapp


Certainly many have the competition made to Whatsapp. It is for this reason that developers and programmers have emerged eager to be heard. In this way, a series of MODs have begun to run through the application stores that seek to expand the amount of functionality that the original application can offer.

In the case of WhatsApp Plus Reborn, it had such a vertiginous start that WhatsApp owners banned everyone who used it in 2015 and eliminated it. But nevertheless, They have not stayed idly. Its creators have started the project once again and have done it anti-ban. In addition, it includes many customizable features, which make it preferred over the original.

What you should do before installing WhatsApp Plus Reborn

As it is an application of an independent developer, it is necessary to search for the APK on your own, since in the Google Play Store It is not available. In addition, to install, you must have removed the original WhatsApp version of your device.

Once you have the WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK file, you must activate the use of Unknown Origin applications on your phone. To do this you must go to the Security menu, look for the option that says Unknown Origin, activate it and go.

Installation and recommendations

whatsapp plus

Once you have followed these previous instructions, you will have no problem installing WhatsApp Plus Reborn on your mobile device. But nevertheless, If you are thinking of installing on a Blackberry phone, we are sorry to tell you that a version for this platform has not yet been developed, but only for Android.

Here is a secure link so you can download WhatsApp Plus Reborn now:

Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn

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