AllCellular Teaches: How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad

by Kelvin

AllCellular Teaches: How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad 6

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Following this daily chart, here is a simple way for you, the esteemed iOS user reader, to monitor mobile data usage on your smartphone or tablet. Apple and eventually – if necessary, limit this usage to more acceptable rates for your phone plan.


How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad

Arguably, the best way to track your monthly mobile data spend is through the service provider itself, either by using the specific app for that purpose or by tracking your monthly account summary. With this report in hand you can define what your needs are: decrease, maintain or increase your spending.

However, if you want to monitor which major applications or services are responsible for this expense, or even oversee reports issued by your carrier, iOS has a built-in tool for detailed monitoring of your mobile data usage.

To access it, follow the quick step by step below.

  • With your iDevice main screen open, Touchez Settings.
  • Now Touchez Cell phone.
  • Slide the screen down to the Cellular Data.

In Current Period you can see how much you spent on mobile data within a certain time period. However, this period does not follow any regularity, such as monthly, daily or yearly, and it is up to the user to start new periods manually.

Slide the Phone screen all the way down and see below Reset Statistics, which was the last time the period was reset. The value displayed in Current Period, quoted above, corresponds to all mobile data usage since the beginning of the new period.

AllCellular Teaches: How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad 7

Thus, if you want to monitor your monthly spending, for example, you will have to reset your statistics through the option mentioned above on the opening date of your operator's month. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this process automatically.

Disable mobile data usage in some apps

As you can see in one of the images in the section above, applications like Twitter and Instagram were responsible for consuming most of my mobile data over the last few months, totaling just over 4 Gb. Through the Settings> Cellular screen, as accessed in the previous section, you can see who is responsible for burning your data furniture.

Having identified the villains of consumption, just limit data usage by these applications. For this, two actions can be taken. Many of these apps have their own settings for restricting mobile data usage. As an example, in the App Store settings (Settings -> iTunes and App Store) you can restrict the store from using mobile data to make automatic transfers; in other apps like Facebook, there are specific options to minimize data network usage.

AllCellular Teaches: How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad 8AllCellular Teaches: How to monitor and reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad 9

With this, the first action would be to navigate to the settings of each application and apply the desired impositions – if available. The second, if the first does not exist or is not fully effective, is to completely disable the use of mobile data for a given app.

To do this, simply disable the key located next to the name of each application on the Mobile screen. With this setting enabled, the app will inform you that there is a restriction on data usage on the mobile network, being limited to Wi-Fi connections.

Tips to Decrease Usage

In addition to the options to disable and restrict mobile network usage through the settings mentioned above, some other tips can help you save data. Among them, turning off background app updating and using offline data from streaming apps like Netflix and Spotify, downloading episodes and playlists over a Wi-Fi network can be a great choice.

If the savings aren't enough with the actions taken above, disabling the mobile network completely, turning on only in times of need, and disabling email, calendar, and contact synchronization can also help a lot.

However, it is clear that each of the options presented here must be carefully analyzed, taking into account their impacts on a case by case basis; Certain settings may limit the use of a particular application or functionality, disrupting your daily life.

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