Allocacoc Powercube 4-way power strip with grounding and two USB ports

by Kelvin
Allocacoc Powercube 4-way power strip with grounding and two USB ports

A modern home or office is filled with appliances that require electrical power. It often happens that there are not enough free outlets in the room.

This local issue is addressed by the Allocacoc Power Cube. This splitter (tee) provides the consumer with 4 type F sockets with grounding and 2 USB ports for charging a mobile phone, camera, MP3 player, GPS navigator, etc.

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Allocacoc is a Dutch company and pays great attention not only to the functionality of its products, but also to design, striving to give its appearance a modern, attractive look. There are a lot of commonplace splitters on the market, but Allocacoc managed to make its products stand out from the crowd.


Brand Name: Allocacoc

Number of outlets: 4 (total 16A / 230V)

Number of USB ports: 2 (total 2.1A 5V)

Plug: optional EU or US

Dimensions: 119 * 77 * 77

Weight: 240 grams

Color: White + Blue

Grounding: yes

Child Protection: Yes

Certification: CE, RoHS

C 08/01/2019 there is a BGCUPLUG coupon that reduces the price to $ 15.59.

The packaging of the energy cube is replete with inscriptions and illustrations, giving an almost complete picture of the contents. A blue socket of a tee is visible through the window in the package, the pictures show the scope of application, the characteristics, the received awards are indicated, and there is also a loop for placing on stands in retail chains.

The award was received back in 2014, but since the tee is still being produced, this indirectly indicates the quality, demand and demand for the product.

There is a description in several languages ​​and characteristics are indicated separately.

About Dutch Product Roots Allocacoc says the inscription at the bottom of the box.

Inside the box there was an insert in several languages, which also indicated the characteristics and method of obtaining a more capacious hub based on several tees / splitters / cubes.

The splitter is made really high quality and is able to attract attention. The case is made of white plastic, but the rounded edges on the front and rear panels, as well as the side bevels, deprive, in fact, the usual tee of everyday life. The manufacturer and model are mentioned on the right side face.

Sockets are located on the sides, and USB ports are on the front of the cube.

Outlets are really equipped with protection against children – rather tight curtains will definitely not allow the baby to put fingers or foreign objects inside.

All sockets are equipped with grounding contacts, and the power plug inspires confidence by virtue of its quality factor.

The dimensions of the power cube are slightly larger than conventional splitters. At first glance, it looks a bit massive.

However, this is due to the design of the inside of the splitter and the presence of a charger inside the case.

In real operating conditions, the power cube can power 6 devices (without additional extension cords, etc.).

Conveniently enough if you need to connect several pieces of equipment from one outlet.

To look at the design of the cube from the inside, you first need to remove the panel on the underside of the case, which is mounted on four latches, but can be removed simply.

Next, unscrew the four long screws and the case is disconnected into three parts.

In the front of the case are USB ports and today's unpretentious charger.

At the time the tee received the award in 2014, such a charger was quite relevant, but today its capacity is clearly not enough. From the board there are only two wires to the USB connectors. Therefore, the ports are sealed in parallel and the declared 2.1 Amperes can be removed from any one or simultaneously from two ports. Today, a more relevant option would be 2.1 Amperes from each independent port. But so far.

At the same time, the design of the outlets inspires confidence – the live parts are completely closed and made of fairly thick conductors that can withstand a current of 16 Amps.

It will not be superfluous to recall that 16 Amperes is for all splitter sockets at the same time, and not for each. Otherwise, problems may already arise with the wiring. On the other hand, the total power of 3680 watts is not so small for modern, for example, table lamps, televisions, computers, etc.

At idle, the charger stably holds 5 volts.

When the load increases, the charger increases the voltage, which is good. The drawdown of 0.01-0.02 Volts at a load current of 0.3 to 0.8 Amperes can be neglected due to the insignificance and error of the EBD USB tester.

With a declared load current of 2.1 Amps, the charger copes confidently. Further protection works.

Devices can also charge from the USB ports of the splitter. Apple – There is potential on info tires.

Perhaps in the next revisions of the tee, the manufacturer will add a button to turn off the charger and change its circuitry, offering customers a pair of independent ports with support for fast charging.

The rest of the splitter made a positive impression. The quality of injection molds and assemblies, the materials used, the design, the compliance with the declared characteristics, the presence of grounding and protection against children, the long term of presence on the market once again confirm the relevance and relevance of Allocacoc Powercube today.

C 08/01/2019 there is a BGCUPLUG coupon that reduces the price to $ 15.59.

In addition to the described splitter, Allocacoc also produces splitters for five outlets and extension cords with a cord 1.5 meters long, four outlets and two USB ports. Mounting on surfaces is also included.

To five outlets

Extension cord (charging dock) for 4 sockets and two ports USB. The cord length is 1.5 meters.

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