It is no secret to anyone that smartphones they are used less and less as phones and more like smart. We can see it with the rates offered by the different telephone operators: most have unlimited minutes and calls at zero cost, which comes to tell us that we are doing less and less. We were able to see it a few years ago with the SMS, and today the shipping cost is practically free in a large number of operators. Thanks to a study published by Smart Mean Analitycs we can confirm what we have been assuming from the beginning: we make fewer and fewer calls.


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WhatsApp exceeds traditional calls: almost 95% use in Spain

The study published today by Smart Mean Analitycs makes it clear: calls are being banished by messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and to a lesser extent, Gmail.

According to the data published in the original study, More than 94% of users (specifically, 94.8%) use WhatsApp to communicate with other users. In the second place is followed by the Calls application, with a fee of 72.7% use and a downward trend that leaves us 0.8 points less compared to the previous quarter. WhatsApp has also experienced a similar drop of 0.6% compared to the three months preceding the study.

Spanish call fee

By cons, applications like Gmail and Telegram increase their usage quota against the decline of traditional communication applications. With a share of 68.7 and 18.9%, both applications have experienced a growth of 1.6 and 5.6%, not negligible considering that WhatsApp is the queen of messaging apps in Spain.

Another study data to take into account has to do with the use of SMS. Far from falling into disuse, the traditional way to communicate between devices has a 60.6% share, about 2.4 points less than the previous quarter. They also download applications like Skype Y Facebook Messenger Lite with a decrease that borders 12 and 9% in both cases.

What is undoubtedly a fact is that users are increasingly opting for communication channels where active communication by both parties is not required. To continue with the current trend in the next two years only half of the population would make use of the calls to communicate, an encouraging fact for companies – and not so much for society -.

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