Amazon : AirPods style headphones with Alexa and sports tracking for less than 100 €

by Kelvin
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Amazon will launch AirPods compatible wireless earpieces with Alexa. We now know a little more about them while their presentation is announced imminent. In addition to the home voice assistant, they offer activity tracking functionality for athletes, all at a price below 100 €. The company is also preparing to unveil a high-end Echo speaker with better sound quality.


Amazon is working on its own wireless headsets competing with AirPods that will also rub shoulders with Galaxy Samsung Buds and Huawei's new Freebuds 3. They are advertised cheaper and compatible with the voice assistant Alexa according to the first elements unveiled earlier this year. The CNBC website confirms their existence with additional details. The presentation of the new headphones is announced imminent and they should be accompanied by a new version of the speakers Amazon Echo. Both devices would bet on excellent sound quality.

Amazon will launch headphones way Sport-oriented AirPods

According to CNBC, Amazon announce its wireless headphones on Wednesday, September 25 at its annual hardware conference in Seattle, USA. They will become a major product for the firm. It is also his first foray into the market of connected objects oriented health and sport tracking. This is one of the distinctive aspects of his headphones Amazon Alexa who do not have an official name yet.

They would also be equipped with an accelerometer and features to analyze the movements of the wearer, measure distances traveled, speed or estimate calories burned. In short, they will have all the features of fitness-oriented accessories like Fitbit wearables, Galaxy Watch or theApple Watch, all at an advertised price below $ 100.

A new enclosure Amazon Premium Echo

CNBC report also confirms arrival of new speaker Amazon Echo high-end, more impressive by its size with an integrated woofer and a better quality of sound, which would position it as a competitor of the Google Home Max. According to information released by Bloomberg last July, this new version is scheduled to be launched in 2020. The conferenceAmazon could be an opportunity to learn more about it.

Source: CNBC