Amazon Announces New Echo Products and Extends Alexa Features; check out the summary

by Kelvin

News from Amazon during the event include the new Echo line, which has expanded to glasses, rings and headphones; Check out all the featured products

It happened on Tuesday (25), the traditional hardware event of the Amazon. In it the company presents the latest releases in technological solutions developed and, this year, the highlights were the new line of Echo – smart, voice-controlled speakers and speakers – and new features for personal assistant Alexa. About 15 new products were announced, reinforcing the company's goal to literally make the lives of consumers more smart (smart, in free translation).


Below you can see the main news ranging from enhanced personal assistants to smart rings:

Digital security and the focus on privacy

10 Amazon Hardware Event 2019 - AlexaThe event took place in Seattle, United States, at the headquarters of Amazon

Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices & Services, opened the event by talking about one of the biggest concerns in the digital world: privacy. Last year, the company was asked about the time it saves customer recordings using the Alexa. According to the company, this data is used to perfect the assistant, and since early August, providing these recordings has become optional.

New Echo Line

Currently the Amazon dominates 70% of the smart speakers (smart speakers) in the United States. During the event, the technology giant unveiled other even more advanced models, which are already in pre-sale starting today in the US. These are: Echo Show 8, new Echo dot, Echo flex it's the Echo studio.

Echo Show 8

2 Amazon Hardware Event 2019 - Echo Show 8The Echo Show line features a display for conversations and video interactions.

The big differential of the line Echo show It is the possibility to see the person with whom we talk, thanks to the display implanted in the device. The new version comes with an 8 inch screen, making it the third option of this line. Currently, the Echo Show 5, 5.5 inches, and the Echo show second generation 10 inch.

Along with the new model, the Amazon He said it would be possible to watch cooking shows on the device and also ask Alexa to record his favorite recipes and ask questions about ingredients. Who is a subscriber of Amazon PrimeYou will also have a cooking lesson service on the available channels. You can already purchase it at pre-sale for $ 129.00 ($ 535.00 in direct conversion).

New Echo Dot

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo dot with clockNew Echo Dot comes with a LED display with clock

The most compact model in the series Amazon Echo has gained a new version very similar to the previous models, but with a differential: a led watch. This is basically the only device change that has been dubbed “Echo Dot with Clock”Which means literally “Echo Dot with Clock”. When you wake up, just press on the top of the handset to gain another nine minutes of snooze.

In presale, the new Echo dot is available for $ 59, about $ 245.

Echo studio

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo StudioEcho Studio is compatible with Dolby Atmos technology, used in theaters since 2012

The great promise of smart speakers, however, lies with the Echo studio. A more robust handset with audio support 3D and Dolby atmospherewhich provides movie sounds for your home. With five drivers that deliver powerful sound, Studio contains three speakers mid-range, tweeter (for high-pitched sounds) and woofer (for low-pitched sounds).

THE Echo studio was developed in conjunction with the streaming Amazon Music HD, premium service that offers music with very high audio quality. The company also stated that it is working with major studios like Sony, Universal and Warner to provide more content with support for 3D audio. THE Studio It is now available for pre-order for $ 199, or $ 825.

Echo flex

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo FlexTo expand Alexa's reach in the home, Amazon announced the Echo Flex

Also new was an even more compact version than the Echo dot, designed to expand the audio capacity of Alexa. THE Echo flex It costs only US $ 25.00 and can be placed on the wall of a room, for example, where the Echo main is too far away.

Alexa Enhancements

The smart assistant at Amazon It's getting smarter and smarter. This time, she will receive updates like the “Frustration detector”, which will identify in the voice if the user begins to lose patience with it. She will say phrases like: “I must have got it wrong”, before making any corrections. This new feature will initially be available only for music orders.

As stated earlier, provide the recordings of what is said to Alexa became optional. In the device settings themselves you can disable this option. The function arrived after the company confirmed that there are employees listening to the recordings to improve the system, which generated discomfort among users.

 Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Samuel L JacksonActor Samuel L. Jackson, famous for playing Nicky Fury in the films of the Marvel, will be the new voice of Alexa

Another update includes the first celebrity voice for the assistant. Soon users will conduct surveys and ask questions to none other than Samuel L Jackson. The feature will be available later this year for 99 cents, or 4 reais, depending on the price at the time.

Parental control

For parents' better peace of mind, Amazon You also plan to insert a new parental control tool, which will require contact approval before the child can chat on the device. Echo. Another tool is related to third party devices connected to the network. Wifi. With voice command, the user can disconnect devices from the internet and even pause them.

New protection features are among the updates of the Alexa. Called “Alexa Guard”, The tool detects human activities in the house such as footsteps or breaking glass if an intruder occurs. Alexa You can also help with more proactive activities by letting you know when the printer's ink is running low or when it's time to change the battery for an electronic lock.

Amazon want to make everything smart

Further expanding the product catalog smart, a Amazon announced more gadgets compatible with Alexa. You can take your personal assistant anywhere with glasses Echo Frames, the ring Echo loop or the headphones Echo Buds. Not to mention the Alexa Smart Oven, a microwave smart which is also compatible with the wizard. Below you can check each product and its functionality.

Echo Frames

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo FramesSmart glasses have no display, commands are voice only

Available for the promotional price of $ 179.00 ($ 535 in direct conversion), the Echo Frames is a special frame with speakers and microphone to communicate with the Alexa. With it you can make calls, listen to podcasts and control other devices of the Amazon from anywhere. Remembering that, unlike the late Google Glass, The Frames has no camera or display, all commands and settings are by voice.

Promotional value is for guest only. After the intro period, the price will be $ 249.99.

Echo loop

It basically has the same functions as a Echo traditional, but everything was compressed into one ring. To talk to Alexa, just press a small button with your thumb, a small vibration indicates that the assistant is listening and you can now give the command. According to The Verge, who was present at the event and was able to test the device, the audio is not very loud and it is as if you whisper a secret to Alexa.

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo LoopEcho Loop technology is still in its early stages, but surprisingly bold

To connect the ring to the internet, simply use the bluetooth from your phone and share the connection. THE Loop It is available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. The battery lasts about a day with continuous use and vibrates when the user receives a notification. You can also connect it with your smartphone assistant, either Google Or the Crab.

Available in limited quantity, the Loop it costs $ 129 in your invite-only promotional price. After the introductory period, the amount will be $ 179.00.

Echo Buds

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Echo BudsWith the motion sensor, the Echo Bud pauses whenever one of the headphones is removed from the ear.

The new wireless headphones from Amazon also take the system experience Alexa wherever you go. One of the features that catches the most attention on the device is the algorithm Bose, used to considerably reduce outside noise. To activate the tool, simply double-Touchez the surface and listen to your favorite songs at will. The Buds they are water and sweat resistant, automatically pausing when one is removed from the ear.

Like other products in the line Echo, voice commands are also present, allowing you to receive notifications and play your favorite songs more conveniently. Charging is done via USB, with a base that comes with the device. Costing US $ 129.99 (R $ 539.72), the Echo Buds will be released later this year.

Amazon Smart oven

Amazon  Hardware Event 2019 - Smart OvenTo control Smart Oven by voice commands, you must have another Echo device

This electronic oven combines a microwave, traditional oven and air fryer on a single device. Unlike other appliances, the Smart oven don't have a system Echo, that is, you cannot give direct commands to it. You must have another device such as the Echo dot, for example, to control the smart oven more easily. The appliance has new functions such as Scan to cook (“Scan to cook”, which identifies pre-prepared meals that are sold in supermarkets – including the line foods themselves Amazon.

You can give other commands like preheating and temperature setting. THE Amazon Smart oven It is available on pre-order for $ 249.00.

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