Amazon Dash: millions of buttons will stop working on August 31

by Kelvin
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Buttons Amazon Dash are no longer marketed for a few months and soon the millions of copies already in circulation will stop working. Amazon definitely sounds the death knell of its famous buttons that were supposed to revolutionize the way we buy everyday products.


Since their launch in 2015 (2016 in France), the buttons Amazon Dash have been adopted by millions of people around the world. As a reminder, these small accessories can quickly buy or renew commonly used products: toilet paper, laundry, drinks, etc., all with the push of a button. But last March, Amazon announced the discontinuation of the marketing of Dash buttons. Those in circulation, however, remained functional.

Amazon Dash: all buttons will stop working August 31

As of September 1st, it will no longer be possible to place orders with the buttons Amazon Dash. Millions of copies will soon be decorative objects. These buttons did not resist the personal assistants who make them almost obsolete. This is the reason advanced by Amazon at the announcement of the cessation of their marketing. "We are seeing more and more customers using programs like Alexa Shopping, which offers a hands-free shopping experience," the company said.

If the physical buttons go by the wayside, Amazon continues to offer virtual Dash buttons launched in France last year and which allow to create digital buttons to buy in one click pre-configured products. These virtual buttons can be used via the mobile application and the e-commerce site. Individuals and businesses that have adopted the program Amazon Dash Replenishment will also be able to continue to enjoy it.

This program automatically renews consumables essential to the operation of certain connected devices, such as printers and appliances. For example, it is possible to automatically trigger the purchase of an ink cartridge when it reaches a certain threshold in the printer.

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