Amazon Echo Show debut 8 smart display, noise canceling headphones and more


When it comes to selling what you do, AmazonSpeaker Echo is a bread and butter company. But the speakers, at one point, were experiments and had time to develop, just like the AmazonBasics microwave that became a smart oven, but whatever. So, we're here to talk about the Echo Show's new smart display, wireless headphones, lights, a pair of smart glasses, and smart rings.


To get started, Amazon Completed the clever look of the new Echo Show 8 "size to complete the 5" and 10 "frame – it combines Echo Show 10 audio hardware and some Echo Show 5 compactness. Like its compatriot, Echo Show 8 comes with a webcam cover (for when you don't want to be on) and a mute microphone (so Alexa can't hear you and do random things in the background.) Order in advance today with a black or white cloth for $ 130 and ship before Thanksgiving Day.

Looking for something more portable? The new Echo Buds are said to be giving a great voice for 5 hours (15 more hours per case). They feature active Bose noise isolation, encoding with JBL for the first wireless headset, which can be turned on or off with a double Touchez. You can also access smart assistants (Siri or Google Assistant) on your mobile device, combine it with Alexa with activation detection. It will be delivered in early November for $ 130 and preorder now.

Amazon    Echo Show debut 8 smart screen, noise canceling headphones and more 2

If you just need new lights in your room, Echo Glow is here for $ 30. This is so parents can tell kids when they should be doing something; if it is green, for example, you may have to clean the room. Unfortunately, you must wait until before Thanksgiving for shipping.

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Finally, we have the day 1 edition: AmazonGrup beta public limited access to some functional hardware concepts. First, we have a $ 180 Echo Frames that only shows user-directed microphones to activate Alexa. You can also get some more Echo Loop microphones for $ 130, a big finger ring, believe it or not. This ring also has notification haptics. These prices are introductory and may go up. Sign up to be invited to buy Echo Frames here and Echo Rings here.

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