Amazon Echo Show is able to recognize objects thanks to Alexa's Show and Tell

by Kelvin
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Amazon has just unveiled a new feature of Alexa. Called "Show and Tell", it is able to recognize objects and aims to help the blind and visually impaired.


Smart home devices and smart voice assistants have made life easier for people with disabilities by enabling them to perform more everyday actions. Amazon today presents a new feature to his Echo Show device, which integrates Alexa. called Show and Tellit was designed to help blind clients and visually impaired users identify any object of everyday life by placing them in front of Alexa's camera and asking them what it is.

This feature uses a combination of computer vision and machine learning techniques to recognize objects seen by Echo Show. The latter is an evolution of the intelligent speaker managed by Alexa who found his place in the kitchen. It helps its users with various tasks, such as setting the timer, watching or listening to recipe videos, or listening to music while cooking.

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Show and Tell was developed in collaboration with blind employees ofAmazon

To use this feature, customers can simply talk and ask " Alexa, what do I want? " Or " Alexa, what do I have in my hand? ". Alexa is also able to give verbal and audio instructions to help customers place the item in front of the camera.

Amazon explains that this feature was developed in collaboration with blind employees ofAmazon, including his senior accessibility engineer, Josh Miele, who collected comments from blind and visually impaired customers as part of the development process. The company has also worked with the Vista Center for the Blind in Santa Cruz on preliminary research, product development and testing.

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With Show and Tell, Amazon hopes to reach the vast market of blind and visually impaired customers. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.3 billion people would be visually impaired. Show and Tell is now available to US users on first and second generation Echo Show devices.

Source: Amazon