Amazon ensures that your facial recognition technology can detect fear 4It is not the future, no. According Amazon, we are facing a present technology. The company owned by Jeff Bezos says that his facial recognition technology, nicknamed Rekognition, is capable of detecting some emotions on users' faces. It is surprising, in this sense, that according to those responsible for technology, this facial recognition can serve to recognize fear on faces.

But what kind of software are we talking about? As explained Amazon, Rekognition is a set of tools that can be used to detect, analyze and recognize faces in both images and videos. Apparently, this is just one of the different services that the company offers to developers within Amazon Web Services (AWS), your cloud infrastructure.


Amazon ensures that your facial recognition technology can detect fear 5To the detectable emotions, fear is incorporated

The software of Amazon It is able to detect faces, yes, but also emotions. As explained AmazonIn recent times the company has worked hard so that emotions can be detected more accurately. Thus, technology is perfectly capable of detecting a total of seven emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, tranquility and confusion.

But now one more has been added: that is fear. Through an update, the system will be better able to detect these kinds of emotions. Another feature that has been improved with the latest update has to do with the ability of the tool to better identify the gender of people.

In addition, this same software was renewed this week with the aim of detect violent and inappropriate content, trying to capture through the images the existence of blood, wounds, corpses, weapons, signs of self-harm and sexually explicit content.

Amazon ensures that your facial recognition technology can detect fear 6Is it really ethical to read people's emotions?

That a facial recognition technology analyze our face to unlock a device was something that we had assumed as normal until now. But how do we feel, in the ethical field, that a machine can identify how we feel?

The debate is open. Experts believe that recognizing the fear in a person's face can be practical to ensure their safety. However, critics of this technology believe that read people's emotions through their facial features It can be, at least, dangerous.

Not surprisingly, it is possible to interpret the traits of a person with a emotion that doesn't really correspond to reality. Or that some kind of physical or racial discrimination is carried out. We talk directly about prejudices and the need for these types of tools to learn from the data they store.

In United States, Amazon has sold its facial recognition software to the government. So much so that even the police have put on the table the debate about the convenience of using this type of software that has sometimes ended with the arrest of individuals. Agents consider that they are constantly watching people's faces, in which they consider that it would be a kind of Big Brother.

Amazon You have not recognized in any case if your facial recognition software has been integrated into the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE). The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has asked Amazon what Stop selling this technology to governments. Either way, Amazon He says his tool is absolutely useful and believes that people's quality of life would be worse.

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