Amazon Fire TV with remote control and integrated Alexa

by Kelvin
Amazon Fire TV with remote control and integrated Alexa

Amazon has announced news on its smart devices. Specifically, they have presented a new Amazon Fire TV, which comes with up to 4K resolution, a remote control compatible with this device and that also integrates Amazon Alexa All the details.

Fire TV does not change design. This device is very similar to Google Chromecast, although we have an interface that has also been renewed. It connects through the HDMI port and allows us to enter different multimedia apps, such as Prime Video, Netflix etc. Two versions have been updated. The first one has full HD support, while the most powerful includes the ability to view content in 4K. Both feature Dolby sound, Bluetooth connectivity and Amazon Cloud


One of the novelties of these Amazon Fire TV is that now they have a remote control with integrated Alexa. A feature that many users expected, especially because the way to navigate the interface and perform the actions can be done through Alexa. We will just have to press the microphone button and ask it to perform an action. For example, to play a series on Prime Video, or even turn off the light if we have a control set with our Amazon Threw out.

On the other hand, the interface of Amazon Fire TV It is also redesigned. The recommendations arrive on the home screen and the ability to view and interact with service catalogs such as RTVE AtresPlayer and mores. Fire TVs that are already on the market will receive an update via software.

Price and where to buy

Fire TVs can now be purchased at Amazon With a very interesting discount. If you have a 1080p TV, the Amazon Fire TV Basic goes on sale at a price of 25 euros (40 euros when the promotion ends). The 4K model can be purchased for about 45 euros (60 euros when the promotion ends). Both versions include the remote control. We can also purchase the remote separately, since it is compatible with the previous devices. Its price is 15 euros with promotion and 30 euros without the launch discount.

Amazon He has also launched a pack with a FireStick + Echo Dot for 55 euros.

Buy the new ones here Amazon Fire TV.

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