Amazon is sued in New York for ‘dismissing’ pandemic

by Kelvin
Amazon is sued in New York for 'dismissing' pandemic

New York State filed a lawsuit against the Amazon for disrespecting safety rules against covid-19. According to Attorney General Letitia James, the company had failed to monitor the transmission of the virus among the team’s employees and failed to sanitize two of its facilities.

As indicated in the process documents, the Amazon registered 250 infected employees, 90 of them worked in the previous week. The indictment maintains that the monitoring failure could not have occurred if the company had interviewed employees, rather than just using security cameras to map out potential infected.

The company would also have violated state laws by not isolating or cleaning the facilities where the infected employees were. “The extreme profits and exponential growth rate of the Amazon cost the lives, health and safety of their frontline workers,” James argued during the complaint in the New York Supreme Court.


Amazon is accused of retaliating employees

Brendan McDermid via Reuters/Reproduction

As if that wasn’t enough, the state of New York also claimed that officials would have been penalized for complaining about the violations. The highlight in this case was employee Chistian Smalls who, according to the prosecution, was fired after leading a protest against the Amazon in a warehouse on Staten Island.

In response, the sales giant argued that Smalls was fired for attending the demonstration while on leave to be quarantined. However, James countered by stating that two other employees claim that he did not enter the warehouse and had not been informed that he should remain at the premises where he was.

Company denies the charges

Last week, the Amazon filed a request for an injunction to suspend the process. “We do not believe that the attorney general’s process has presented an accurate picture of the Amazon in the face of the pandemic,” said the spokeswoman for the Amazon, Kelly Nantel, to the New York Times, adding that the company “cares a lot about the health and safety” of its employees.