Amazon Official Echo and Echo Dot (2019): best sound, LED display and always the same price

by Kelvin
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Maj. September 26, 2019 at 2:28 pm

Amazon has just unveiled the 3rd generation of its connected speakers Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. The enclosure Amazon Echo has new premium speakers and the ability to pair it with another speaker. TheAmazon Echo Dot has an LED display.


TheAmazon 3rd generation Echo (left) and the new Echo Dot (right) / Phonandroid

Amazon has just unveiled a series of new products including Echo Frames, $ 180 connected glasses and Echo Buds, serious competitors of AirPods with active noise reduction. But the giant retailer on the internet has also refreshed its gateway into the ecosystem of voice assistant Alexa.

Amazon Echo 3rd generation (2019): best sound and stereo pairing

Thus the firm has unveiled the third generation of its speakers Echo. TheAmazon Echo 3rd generation adopts a more refined design, with rounded edges and new colors in fabric: blue gray, gray heather and sand. Amazon has added new premium speakers for better audio quality.

The system is still Dolby compatible (like the previous generation) and Amazon promises a 360 ° immersive sound "with clear vocals and dynamic bass". It is also possible to pair the speaker with a second 3rd generation speaker or Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation for stereo sound.

Amazon however, it only works for music playback from the local network, and in no case via bluetooth or the auxiliary audio jack connection. The enclosure is sold at a price of 99 €.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock: the small speaker for your room

Another novelty: the Echo Dot 3rd Generation speaker, which now comes in two versions, classic at € 59.99 and "with clock" at € 69.99. The design of the latter is the same as the standard version. But a white segment LED display has been integrated behind the fabric of the device. This display allows you to view the time, the outside temperature or the timer.

Amazon destine this new "Dot" at the night table. The brightness of the display thus adapts according to the ambient brightness so as not to become unpleasant when, for example, you turn off the light. It is also possible to postpone an alarm by tapping on the top.

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As the new Amazon Echo, it has new colors (gray heather, plum and sand) and it is possible to pair this speaker with another to enjoy stereo sound. The news Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot will be available in France from October 16, 2019.

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