Amazon Prime available for 54 instead of 69 euros

by Kelvin
Amazon Prime available for 54 instead of 69 euros

Amazon Make yourself a very rare offer for a short time. The Prime subscription, which normally costs 69 euros a year, can only be completed today for 54 euros. GIGA reveals who of you can take this offer and what is included.

Amazon Prime: One year for 54 instead of 69 euros

Update from 22.08.2019: The action runs only today. New customers or Prime customers, who pay monthly so far, can change at a reduced rate and Amazon Prime for a year for 54 instead of 69 euros.


It is rumored that Prime regular customers can and then receive a 15-euro voucher as a "compensation". Try it. Questions do not cost anything.

Original article:

Amazon Prime does not usually come at a reduced price. It's different between 18 and 22 August. During this time you can reduce the Prime subscription for the price of only. The discount is valid for the first year. After that fall again 69 euros. But there are some requirements that must be met for the action. The offer is valid only for

  • new customers
  • and Prime members who pay monthly so far.

All other customers who already have Prime membership can not benefit from the lower price. For those who are not yet on Prime and want to enjoy the benefits now, should definitely strike.

GIGA tells you how to get everything out of your Prime membership:

Amazon Prime: What is that?

Amazon Prime is now much more than just the free and very fast shipping orders Amazon, The following advantages are additionally available:

  • Prime members get access to special offers sooner. This pays off especially on action days with high discounts.
  • You also have access to Prime Video and therefore great movies and series. There are always new and old content added, which can be streamed directly to a PC, smartphone, Fire TV Stick or TV.
  • Music is also provided. Prime members can access over 2 million songs.

Personally, I have been a prime member for years and can no longer imagine a life without this service. Orders are delivered quickly, I can watch great series and movies and listen to music if I feel like it. In combination with a Fire TV stick, Fire tablet or a Amazon Echo brings out the best in the service. The products are there.