AMD EPYC 7742 operate the first 8K HEVC real-time encoder

by Kelvin
HD Tecnología

AMD broke the Cinebench R20 world record with its EPYC 7742 processor, And now this amazing 64-core and 128-wire CPU achieves a new achievement, running the first real-time encoder at 8K HEVC.

Beamr Imaging announced that he achieved this achievement using his new software with AMD EPYC 7742 processor, which can encode 8K in real time. Beamr software can handle 8K 10-bit video with HDR with an incredible 79 FPS.


The company says the new software will be able to stream live content and stream content from games in the cloud. Beamr has as clients some of the largest companies in the world, such as Netflix, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Xilinx and Yahoo.

The big performance increase with the EPYC 7742 is ideal for Beamr's new software, thanks to those 64 processor cores. This means that the CPU is used 100%, taking full advantage of all its performance to render videos at 8K.

AMD and Beamr seek to take advantage of this at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, broadcasting 8K video with the EPYC 7742, which is a good opportunity to show the capacity of these processors.

What do you think of this achievement of AMD and Beamr?

Source: TweakTown

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