AMD EPYC 'Milan' (Zen3) promise more performance per watt than Intel Ice Lake-SP @ 10nm

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

Today we are not facing a leak, but our own AMD, during the HPE Cast 2019, has revealed the first performance details of the 3rd Generation of its microarchitecture AMD Zen3and for that nothing better make noise where there is more money, in the world of servers and workstation.

That is why the company already anticipates that its 3rd Generation of CPUs AMD EPYC, with the code name of Milan, will arrive with the microarchitecture Zen3 together with a manufacturing process of 7nm + (7nm EUV) promising to offer more performance per watt consumed than the next generation of CPUs Intel Ice Lake-SP under its long-awaited manufacturing process of 10nm.


AMD EPYC 'Milan'

AMD saw how its roadmap leaked just a few days ago, revealing that its microarchitecture Zen3, which will give life to the Milan CPUs, will arrive during 2020. In terms of efficiency, AMD has stressed that its processors would offer a much higher performance per watt consumed, and if we even look closely at the graph, the current AMD EPYC Rome (Zen2 @ 7nm) they will be very competitive against Xeon @ 10nm processors Intel will market next year.

If we add to that a greater number of cores, and that the manufacturing process of 7nm will have matured even more, AMD could start mass production thinking about throwing prices to harm Intel's 10nm, while those 7nm + will be positioned as the best option in the market, and it is necessary to remember that the new manufacturing process of TSMC promises to improve energy efficiency by 10% In addition to increasing frequencies, so Intel's 10nm seems to not change the market trend and that the blue giant arrives too late to the party.

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