AMD is preparing a graphics card named… ‘NVIDIA Killer’!

by Kelvin

AMD is preparing a graphics card named… ‘NVIDIA Killer’! – No wonder AMD is in a brutal phase of growth in the world of processors! However, although its performance in the graphics market is not on par with the new Ryzen 3000… It is notorious the effort and renewed strategy implemented with the very recent Radeon ‘Navi’ RX 5700. That said, 'Navi' graphics cards were just the beginning of the true graphics card war! After all, AMD is now preparing the 'NVIDIA Killer' graphics card.

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So, as you may know, it was about a month ago that AMD introduced its new RDNA macro architecture, which in turn gave rise to the Navi microarchitecture. However, as we said at the time, graphics cards released in July are not yet based on the full RDNA architecture… That is, the current offer of AMD Radeon is still a mix of RDNA with the 'old lady' GCN. Something that should change already in the next release.

The AMD Navi 23 GPU is expected to feature 2nd generation RDNA architecture as well as Ray Tracing capabilities, codenamed 'The NVIDIA Killer'!

After all, it seems that AMD is already working hard on two new GPUs to be able to fight NVIDIA in the highest ranges on the market. The Navi 21 and Navi 23 GPUs.

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Which makes perfect sense, as CEO AMD (Lisa Su) has already confirmed that the company is really working on high-end graphics cards, to finally bet seriously on the graphics market.

In fact, this is the first time in recent years that AMD has shown confidence to rival NVIDIA at the highest end!

Some enthusiasts may say that AMD Radeon tried to rival the R9 Fury X, RX Vega and even Radeon VII… But to the point of choosing the name of 'NVIDIA Killer' for the development of a new GPU?

My friends, this is already another level, and above all it shows the company's desire to grow and dominate.

Unfortunately, we still don't have much more information to offer. But be aware that we will report every detail that comes to our hands.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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