AMD shares increased 17% after AMD EPYC that has no comparison

by Kelvin
AMD shares increased 17% after AMD EPYC that has no comparison

AMD shares have increased in value above 17 percent, and increased (at the time of writing) after an important announcement made yesterday by the company, the launch of the processor AMD EPYC 'ROME', where with 64 cores and 128 threads processing under micro architecture Zen2 @ 7nm, has successfully launched the x86 processor the most powerful in the world.


To prove it, some special portals already have access to this processor, such as Serve the house, and this has revealed the crazy performance boost that Intel Xeon Platinum did as some CPU toys at the price of gold.

In I / O (I / O), the EPYC processor launches memory capacity 300% higher in front of Xeon even though they have 33% more memory channels (Octa (8) -Channel vs Hexa (6) -Channel), not to mention what they offer 233% more PCI-Express 3.0 lines.

According to this portal, performance AMD EPYC 'ROMA' is terrible:

AMD shares increased 17% after AMD EPYC that has no comparison 2

AMD EPYC ROME vs Intel Xeon 740x446 1 AMD EPYC ROME vs Intel Xeon 1 740x505 2

Oddly enough in terms of energy efficiency, ServeTheHome states that Intel is pressing original equipment manufacturers to make the reality of power consumption disappear.

"We are also not allowed to name names because Intel is pushing OEM companies that are making graphics so that AMD does not disclose this information, although OEMs have stamps with logos throughout the system. Yes, that is the level of pressure and competitiveness that Intel presented before the launch of AMD.

However, the AMD EPYC 7702P TDP is superior to Intel's Xeon E5-2630 V4. when you replace 6-8 socket with a socket, the energy savings are huge. We have not seen the level of consolidation. 6: 1 within 2.5 the last year of technological advances in this industry.

So Has AMD done the unthinkable? Hit Intel with a big difference that there is no competition? For now, according to our preliminary test, The answer is yes. AMD EPYC 2nd Generation Processor Launch this is historical, beat the competition with wide margins in almost all metrics: performance, performance per watt and performance per dollar. "

Actions of AMD EPYC August 8 3

When special media, in the market, are as important as servers, clouds, supercomputers, etc., use words like "historically"or a phrase like"never seen before in the industry", this means that we face something so big that the most important companies in the world like Google or TwitterI have recognized that use AMD EPYC processors to power their data centers and computers, and now with the next generation of CPU2 Therefore, it is logical to expect them to definitely discard the adoption of Intel Xeon CPUs.

Google is probably the largest infrastructure company in the world and says publicly that it relies on AMD to revive all of its infrastructure just to help AMD's actions continue to skyrocket, to the point where AMD can take Intel 20% of its market share soon

via: Wccftech

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