AMD silently launches its Radeon RX 600 series graphics

by Kelvin
Radeon RX 640

AMD launched its series graphics cards without an official announcement Radeon RX 600, and it is not surprising, because it is a complete line of graphics cards for low-end and input portable devices, and this is not the announcement of the year, since all of them they lack relative power, and this is translated is that it is designed for multimedia use or very simple games such as MOBA or strategy games ancient to play 1080p with graphic settings medium-low.

Radeon RX 640

ModelRadeon RX 640Radeon 630Radeon 625Radeon 620Radeon 610
Stream Processors512/640512384384/320320
Memory Interface64 bits64 bits64 bits64 bits64 bits

To get an idea, the Radeon RX 640 is a Radeon RX 550X 640 SP with a new name, although the Radeon RX 550X that came out with 640 SP's did it with 128 bits vs 64 bits, while there will be a doubly capped variant by reducing the SP's to 512. The Radeon 630 Follow the steps, but also reduce the TMUs. So we could say that these three graphics are variants of the Radeon RX 550X.

The AMD Radeon 625 seems to be a Radeon R5 M445, that is, an obsolete silicon used in portable equipment of 2016. The AMD Radeon 620 It has two variants. The most powerful is a Radeon R5 M465 with DDR3 memory, while the second model is a Radeon R7 M445 (also from the same year). Finally, the AMD Radeon 610, and this would be a new model, since we did not find any other AMD products with the same specifications.

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