Americans are willing to pay for the iPhone 11 up to $ 2400

by Kelvin

In anticipation of the official debut of the iPhone in 2019, analysts at the consulting firm Simon-Kucher and Partners found that Apple in the future may increase the price of their smartphones. This is primarily due to the willingness of users to pay a larger monthly fee for "apple" news with a large screen.


In a survey of 10,250 people across the United States, it was found that 10% of users are willing to pay more than $ 2,000 for a new premium iPhone, and 15% are willing to pay more than $ 1,800.

But it is worth noting that consumers are willing to pay such a cost on the condition of a two-year contract, with a monthly payment of $ 99.99. The share of those who are willing to pay in full the cost of a new premium iPhone in more than $ 2000 is only 1%.

In turn, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a letter to investors said that iPhone 11 will not receive stylus support Apple Pencil and two-way wireless charging. In addition, all iPhone 2019s will retain the Lightning connector and will not receive a USB-C connector. According to analysts, compared with last year, shipments of new iPhone models will be reduced by 5-10% due to lack of innovation.

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