Amnesia: Rebirth proves that being reborn is great, but it still has its problems

by Kelvin
Amnesia: Rebirth proves that being reborn is great, but it still has its problems

When Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released in 2010 and brought an entire dark world of exploration, personal discovery and a fear of the dark that made many gamers jump in fear in front of the computer.

And when Amnesia: Rebirth it was finally announced, ten years later, the trailer promised a level of panic and dread, which if not superior, would at least match its predecessors. But could Frictional Games really deliver on this promise? Well, check out our review to find out!


Traveling is great, until your plane crashes in the middle of the desert

This time we take control of the French archaeologist Anastasie Trianon, or Tasi for intimates, who leaves with her husband Salim and other companions on an expedition in 1937 in colonial Africa.

The lovebirds are very happy with the chance to travel for free and get away from the dark memories that stayed in Paris, but this is still a horror game and the problems are just beginning. The team’s plane, named Cassandra, crashes after a strange mysterious obelisk is sighted, and crashes into the scorching Algerian desert.

It is after this disaster that we finally take control of Tasi, now disoriented and with no recent memories, forced to wander the barren terrain in search of her beloved and friends, who at first seem to have disappeared without explanation.

Armed only with her sketchbook and a bracelet she has no idea how she managed it, the woman not only has to face the storms of the sea of ​​sand, but also escape from sinister monsters that seem to be part of local folklore, as well as sailing. through a completely sinister parallel world that seems straight out of a Lovecraftian nightmare.

On her journey, Tassi gradually recovers her memories through small glimpses of the past, letters written by her partners to families who will never receive them, and sad bodies forgotten in caves and in the other dimension, information that leads her to a frightening truth: she doesn’t she’s just lost and alone in the desert, not knowing how to escape, but on top of that she’s pregnant.

The history of Amnesia: Rebirth it is deep, bitter and filled with cosmic horror. The first moment I saw the other world with its futuristic architecture but also somewhat archaic and its dark green sky, I felt immersed in a Lovecraft tale, with that feeling that no human should get there, and that all the unfortunates who stepped in that place would never have a happy ending.

During the game I was also creating an attachment for Anastasie, feeling a real pity with the comments she makes to herself and the baby in her womb, making it impossible not to empathize with this mother who has gone through several hardships in her life, but refuses to give up in the face of all adversity simply for the child’s sake.

Escape the darkness and… Calm your baby?

As with other games, avoiding being in the dark is essential. For this, there are several matches, and oil refills for the lamp. What’s bothersome is that any mere twilight not only destabilizes Tasi, causing her to have bizarre visions, but also upsets her baby.

At various times we need to stop and calm the fetus, which seems extremely innovative, but it is also a little tiring, as sometimes you just want to advance in the area and you can’t even certify the baby that everything will be fine (which is very hard to believe because of the whole situation).

Also, puzzles can get a little too repetitive, and some are not very intuitive. For example, one of them required wheels for an old cannon support, the only way to break a damaged part of the ground and achieve my goal.

Trouble is, the item was dark and hard to spot, and I ended up using my entire stash of matches trying to figure out what needed to be done there, having to finish solving it in the dark, with Tasi verging on a fit of insanity.

And even in bright places there is no lack of confusion. The parallel realm also had several moments in which it was difficult to understand what I had to do and even where to go, including in one of them I just ran like a dizzy cockroach until I finally managed to escape the maze and the monster that was chasing me.

As the game unfolds, we discover that the amulet of unknown origin is what allows us to travel between dimensions, a very interesting mechanic, but in the end it doesn’t end up being much explored.

We only move to “the other side” at specific linear moments, and I believe it would have been more fun if this feature had been used more, allowing you to cross more freely at various points throughout the gameplay.

stumbles in the dark

Amnesia: Rebirth it’s a great game, but it’s not without its problems. In addition to the points I mentioned above that cause a certain fatigue, the chase of monsters stops being terrifying at a certain point and becomes just boring.

In two moments, one involving a nest filled with bizarre creatures and another in which you must escape from spectral sentries, I found myself praying that I would end soon not because I was terrified but because it got boring.

History itself also has its flaws. In an attempt to create such a different and disturbing parallel world, some texts are somewhat confused, it is necessary to read very carefully to understand correctly and not lose valuable information.

It is worth it?

Even with his hesitations, this adventure is still very good. The road to discovering what really happened to Cassandra’s crew and the truth about the other universe was an excellent one, and seeing everything Tassi is willing to do and risk for her baby’s sake and the traumas of her past causes despair and a genuine desire to help her find a way out of this macabre saga.

The protagonist’s relationship with her daughter is all too believable, and a moment at the end left me genuinely moved, especially knowing that the only possible outcome for mother and daughter could only be bitter.

The title has a slow start, but from the middle it starts to unfold very quickly, being a truly bizarre journey into the bowels of cosmic horror, with twists and revelations that show how much any civilization would be willing to cross the limits of the ethical and acceptable in pursuit of a goal as complex as immortality.

It’s certainly worth exploring this new chapter in the Frictional Games series, and facing all the horrors that may be lurking in the shadows.

Amnesia: Rebirth has been kindly provided by Terminals to carry out this analysis.

“Amnesia: Rebirth brings out all the macabre side of cosmic horror and a mother’s desperate struggle for the good of her daughter, but it lacks repetition and confusion in trying to maintain a constant state of fear.”