An all-in-one app to draw comic and manga

by Kelvin

Thanks to tablets and pencils, draw, ink, color and edit comics, illustrations and manga It has become a more comfortable and professional task. Without taking merit from the artist's merit, technology has paved the way.

If a couple of years ago I talked about Opentoonz, a software that allows working with anime in a professional way and that even important names like Studio Ghibli used it in their creations, today we have to talk about another app that allows anyone to draw and do it with incredible results.


It is clear that if you do not know how to draw you will have it more difficult, but in this case it is about making it easy for us in all the phases of a illustration project: from the first sketch to the last graphic retouching through the inking, coloring and placement and filling of text balloons, onomatopoeia and other narrative resources.

An all-in-one app to draw comic and manga 4

Although not the only one of its kind, MediBang Paint Well worth our attention for many reasons. First, it is free, second, it is available on both PC and Mac and on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and tablets and smartphones Android

Drawing and digital illustration

At first glance, MediBang Paint will largely remind us of image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, so if you are accustomed to similar tools, you will already have part of the work done as far as previous learning is concerned.

Both in its desktop version and in the mobile versions, each with its particularities by screen size, the interface gives direct access to all the necessary tools to drawing and coloring. It emphasizes, for example, that all options are in a single window instead of placing the options windows of each tool by hand, as is the case with other applications of the kind.

An all-in-one app to draw comic and manga 5

For the rest, to the usual options in any design app that is worthwhile, such as brushes, color palettes or selection tools, we will have layers, backgrounds and tones To lighten the job. And for the texts to be better, MediBang Paint also has its own letter font catalog. Some of these materials are installed and others must be downloaded from the application itself.

As work formats, MediBang Paint gets along with PNG, JPG and PSD. And as an incentive, lets upload our creations to the cloud to edit and create from different devices. To do this you just have to register for free, something we can do from the application itself.

Related to online functions, MediBang Paint facilitates the team work, so that each one makes a part of a drawing, comic or manga. From the application itself it is possible to share a project so that several people have access to the image or document.

MediBang Paint It also has its own selection of tutorials to answer questions related to both the application itself and the task of drawing and illustration.

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